Happy Birthday Dinky

Our reclusive, beautiful mummy cay, Dinky, is three (3) years old today and she will spend it doing exactly what she always does: whatever she wants!

She remains very war y of us, but she will accept being stroked and she always comes to sniff a hand that is put out and joins in with everything the other cats do: treats in the kitchen, playing in the garden, watching the world go by in he Catio. She is far more visible and integrated these days, remains very bonded with the Donuts but interacts and gets on with all the cats and has no issues with the dogs.

A few times she has jumped up on the bed at night when ewe reading and had a play with the other cats.

Beautiful Mummy
With Evie (left) and Xavi (right) she remains very bonded with her babies.
She remains wary of us bit we can stroke her, she sniffs our fingers and moves around the whole house with confidence. She is very content and has a nice routine. She loves the Garden and Catio, and is getting more confident all the time.
Smart lady, she has a bit of a thing for Moreno, but then again so has every cat that has ever met him.
A good example of how comfortable she is. Evie is on the dog bed with Moreno and she is very content being close but very exposed ie I like this as is shows that she just gets on with things more these days.

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