Happy Birthday Donuts

The Donuts (Cody, Evie, Ferdi, Millie and Xavi) are one (1) year old today. We have had the since they were a day old, and it has been a real joy watching them grow up and develop their own personalties over the year.

We wanted to see how a family grew up together and it has been fascinating. The boys are more confident than the girls, but the girls very much get what they want – especially Evie when it comes to treats.

They are extremely happy, very much loved and are part of the family with all the original cats and the dogs having no issues with them at all.

Cody: smaller than Ferdi he is a real garden cat and loves playing catch (along with Ferdi and Xavi) at night when it is time to come in! A very sociable boy he pops onto the bed in the middle of the night most nights for a fuss.
Evie: she is still fairly nervous but in the last month has started coming onto the bed for a play and a fuss, and when we walk into the room she tends to meow to say hello and request a fuss.
Ferdi: bit of a foodie and a mummy’s boy for sure as with all of them he just loves life and most nights pops under the sheets for a cuddle. Along with Cody he is great mates with Marti.
Millie: the smallest and the prettiest, like Evie this last month or so she has got far more confident and vocal. She likes a fuss, and is now happy to sleep on the bed during the day and jump up to have a play.
Xavi: a real mummy’s boy as well but very much “one of the boys” with Cody and Ferdi the three of them are never far from each other.

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