Happy Birthday Fleur

Fleur is eleven (11) years old today, which somehow just does not seem possible! There is something vulnerable about little Fleur, partly because of her start in life when she almost lost her leg, party her size, but mainly because she remains a nervous little thing.

She absolutely adores Moreno and has done since Day One, and he is brilliant with her, always accepting her plopping herself down next to (or on) him. She is great with Sands and I, and now spends every night curled up between myself and Moreno and she loves being under the duvet – but that means creating a bridge for her with your legs which is not conducive to sleep.

She spends most of her time upstairs, following the sun around her favourite vantage places, but she does venture into the garden when she wants to and is aways happy, but always ready to scoot inside.

She has been really good with Dinky & Donuts, not exactly best friends, but very accepting.

Beautiful Fleur, never far away from her man Moreno if she can help it!
Very much an upstairs cat she is happy spending hours watching the world go past.
She does love the garden, especially early morning when the sun is out
Since we moved to the UK she has started coming under the duvet a lot more, and she now sleeps on the bed every night snuggled between Moreno and myself
Watching and enjoying!

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