Happy Birthday Fleur

Our little girl is two today. She is a very small cat, and timid around people that she doesn’t know, but around Sands and I and the other cats she is lovely, sweet, and when required a right little madam!

Basically if she wants something she gets it. She may be the smallest of the gang, but she is as feisty as they come, and more than stands up to the three boys, and wins. At the same time she is unbelievably pretty and cute as the latest pictures below show.

As I sit her typing this she is walking round the desk with her tail and head in the air, purring away and as happy as you could wish a cat to be – a far cry from when Sands rescued her with her badly broken leg, and the vet suggested we had her put down.

We didn’t and every time we take her to the vet for her annual injections Miguel is reminded (and thanked) for doing such an amazing job in saving her leg, and with it her life!

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