Happy Birthday Hollie

Hollie is Eleven (11) years old today, officially. We don’t really know as her background is unknown and she has hardly any teeth at the front where she wore them down searching for food on the streets.

What we do know is she is a lovely old girl who loves her life and puts up with her damaged paw without any fuss at all.

She is a lovely dog. Can be a little protective of her home (especially towards men) but is short lived as basically she loves people and having a fuss. She has been brilliant with our cats and dogs and every dog she meets when out. She loves her walks. She loves her food. She loves her beds. She loves her life and we love her.

Very much a Sands rescue here they are on their first walk.
Unfortunately for Sands she rescued a Daddy’s Girl!
From day one she was great with the original cats (Moreno and Kasper here) and whilst the operations on her paw sorted the bone growth issue, the wound didn’t heal as he paw got bigger as it got stronger as wasn’t enough skin so she basically has an semi open wound now (like a blister) which we protect when she is walking. It doesn’t bother her and doesn’t inhibit her at all so we decided to leave well alone.
She does love a roll in the stones and gravel on Cannock Chase.
She was fixated with the Donuts, here with a much larger Ferdi!
Possibly her favourite thing in the world, well after food that is!

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