Happy Birthday Kasper

Kasper is nine (9) years old today. He remains a strong character for sure: knows what he wants and usually gets it. He has calmed down over the last couple of years since we moved to the UK, but both Tobi and Marti remain a little wary of him, but he has been far better than we could have hoped for with the Donuts.

He is very much “my” cat. When I exercise he sits on my stomach, he spends hours at a time on my shoulders when I am at my desk, spends hours on my knees when watching TV and sleeps curled up between my legs.

Found tied to a gate outside a market we hand fed him and it is fair to say he is very much “my” cat as from day one he has always wanted to sit ion my knee, shoulders, stomach (when I exercise) and at night sleeps curled up between my legs
Daddy’s Boy!
In Spain he was always finding interesting places to sleep.
A real character and very handsome
Still finding interesting places to sleep
Every night at 6.3pm during lockdown he would turn up to sit on my shoulders when I video called my parents!

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