Happy Birthday MacReviewCast from SmileOnMyMac

On Saturday Tim celebrates two years of podcasting with The MacReviewCast. As you know I regularly contribute to both the podcast and to Surfbits, his site for all the great reviews that he provides.

Amongst the prizes that he is giving away to celebrate the two years is the whole set of applications from SmileOnMyMac.

I have reviewed all of their products, and use several of them on a regular basis, so I thought a quick summary may help you decide if you want to enter the competition:

BrowseBack – an intriguing application that I use from time to time but am really glad that I have, it is a good way of keeping a record of the web sites you have visited and where necessary turn them into a PDF. Great to keep track of expired pages.
PageSender – I use occasionally, but only because I very rarely send faxes.
PDFPenPro – my favourite of their applications I use this a lot especially for contracts and forms that require a signature of details to be entered. Basically it allows you to enter your data into a PDF.
DiscLabel – when I do need or want to print a really cool CD label this is a great application.
TextExpander – I love this application, use it daily, without even realising it half the time. It creates text short cuts to save you typing the same stuff over and and over again!
PhotoPrinto – great application, great fun. Maybe only use very occasionally but a good one to have installed for when you want to create a photo album of some special event.

As you can see I like all their applications. I think they are all well designed, integrate with the other stuff on your Mac really well (especially AppleScript) and if you use PDF’s a lot you will like the way they work with them where relevant. They are not all applications that I use on a daily basis, and some are applications that I possibly wouldn’t have thought of getting based on my own personal usage profile, but I like them all, think they all do a great job, and as Tim often says – it is good to have one installed just for the odd time that you may have a need for what it does.

To enter the competition email Tim with the words “Happy Birthday” as the subject, and with your name and address in the body of the email.

Good Luck.

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