Happy Birthday Marti

This amazing cat is six (6) years old today. He is by far the most versatile cat ever: he loves the older cats, the kittens, the dogs, people in fact everything about life!

He runs out with the dogs to welcome us home, sits on our knees at night on the soda, rushes up to say hello to visitors and licks the dogs (and is licked back).

With his best mate Tobi. They were adopted weeks apart, bonded immediately and remain the best of friends.
Marti was adopted because he had only lived with dogs in his various foster homes and we were getting Tito as a puppy because we were losing Teo. We wanted Marti to grow up with a dog (we adopted Tito a few weeks after we got Marti but it was all planned). It worked!!! They are great friends.
Uncle Marti! He has been brilliant with the Donuts who all love him.
A bit of quiet time on the beam!

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