Happy Birthday Moreno

Moreno is sixteen (16) today!

He remains the most amazing cat. Externally he has hardly aged at all, and whist old age and arthritis have slowed him down and made him a little frail he remains very much “our Mori”.

His day tends to start around 5am when he wakes us up demanding water (he likes to drink from the tap) and treats. He then goes for a stroll (we take the opportunity of being awake to open the doors into the garden for the other animals) before coming back to bed and snuggling back into the crook of my arm where he (and Fleur) spend the night.

Mid morning he wanders down to the kitchen for his wet food and medicine then weather permitting he heads out into the garden.

He spends the rest of the day in his usual places: on the dog bed, on a window sill or under the bed. He struggles a little but he still gets to go and do all the things he used to.

Early evening he often has a play which still finds him in the bath or shower and playing like a kitten.

He tends to spend the evening downstairs with us and then around 10pm has a stroll round the garden before heading upstairs to demand more water and his ‘pies’.

Then he sits and waits for me to get into bed so he can snuggle up in my arm.

Long may it continue I because I love this guy to bits, not just because of how amazing he is but also because of how he changed our lives completely all those years ago!

Handsome as ever and has hardly aged at all
Bright eyed, cheeky and demanding – every morning he sits at the bottom of the bed and meows fir his treats!
All the cats love him and he has been brilliant with them all. Incredibly tolerant and very loving.
On the roof showing a young Ferdi what it’s all about. Age is a number and whist he a lot slower and a little wobbly at times he still has what it takes.
He loves the garden
I have no idea how many hours we have sent like this, and I just hope we have many more. He means the world to me for who he is and what he has brought to our life.

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