Happy Birthday Moreno

Happy Birthday to one extremely special boy, Moreno. Hard to believe that he turns twelve (12) today!

I can’t stress what an amazing impact he has had on our lives, and the lives on literally thousands of other cats and dogs.

Because of him we set up ALStrays Re-Homing & Transport which to date has seen Sands re-home over 1300 cats, and I have transported over 6,000 cats and dogs, and all because we adopted Moreno and decided to base ourselves in Spain and try and help the abused, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs that existing on so many Spanish streets.

He really is a special young man: an extremely strong character he is has accepted every adopted and fostered cat into the apartment without question, and has been an absolutely amazing ‘husband’ to little Fleur and best mate to Oscar.

A little slower these days, he is still capable of showing the youngsters how things are done and he is still very much ‘Top Cat’, and we can only hope that he remains so for many many years to come.

His favourite food? Prawns, which I have no doubt at all Sands will feed him as I am off to Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK on a transport.

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