Happy Birthday Moreno

Mori is 6 years old today! Amazing to look back over the last 5 and a half years that we have been privileged to have been owned by the handsome fella, at how quickly the time has gone and how much our lives have changed.

When we adopted Moreno both Sands and knew it was going to change of life, and to be honest the desire to change was a huge factor in our decision. We had already decided to base ourselves in Spain, but had spent the previous 18 months splitting our time between Spain, UK and USA and we both felt that we had had enough of that lifestyle and wanted a more grounded, simpler future.

Enter Moreno and the start of a truly amazing 6 years. With 5 cats and the ALStrays cat re-homing and transport project a testimony to how much influence he has had on our lives, it isn’t overstating it to say that the little fella has totally transformed and influenced our lives.

As we have added more cats to the family he has been brilliant with all of them, and he loves playing with them, cuddling up to them, and keeping them in order, but at the end of the day he is happiest still cuddled up with me. He spends hours every day curled up on my knee as I write at the computer, joins us on the sofa each night, and is an ever present curled up between my legs at night on the bed.

He is a strong character, and is a tad fussy as to who he likes to come into the house, as it is very much his house and hos family to protect.


As you can see he is very much at home up on the roof enjoying the sun, which is where we will spend a lot of today. Fresh prawns are on the menu for the cats today and an extra lot of attention and fuss.

Happy Birthday Mori, we all love you to bits x

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