Happy Birthday Tigra

Tigra is nine (9) years old today and whilst her body may be a little slower and stiffer than it was, her brain remains that of a nine month old galga.

Put simply she is an idiot! Then again so is Tito so they are a great pair, and she is besotted with him. She has been so fortunate (as have we) that she had Teo and then Tito to be her protector and guide through life.

She is a little stiffer and slower than she used to be, but she loves her life and we love her.

Her first day with us. Skinny and nervous she soon found the sofa and decided life was going to be OK.
Whilst we saved her, thanks to Charlotte, Teo made her! He was amazing with her his whole life, bit none more so than in the early days. Tigra would not be the dog she is today without him.
Teo has stepped into Teo’s role in his own special way. Tigra could not be an only dog, she needs a protector as she remains a little nervous of people. Tito has helped her hugely with this as he just goes and says hello to everyone.
Enjoying the comforts!
She gets on well with Hollie. Think she likes having another ‘old girl’ around.

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