Happy Birthday Tito

Tito turns five (5) to day, although to be fair it is true to say that mentally he remains a three month old puppy.

You will not meet a friendlier, happier, nuttier dog than Tito. On walks he has to go and say hello to every dog and every person he sees and at home he wants to be involved in everything.

Adopted because Teo was not going to last long he has done exactly what we hoped: he became friends instantly with Tigra and took the pressure off Tito and ensured Tigra was not left alone to dwell on the loss of Teo. Very much his own character he does retain elements of Teo which is nice as Teo was a remarkably special dog who will be very proud of the way Tito has turned out – he wasn’t around for much of his life but he did a good job with him.

Hours after I picked him up we spent the night at 112 before I set off on a transport.
A young, small Tito in the Apartment
Teo was not very well which is why we got Tito but I love this photo of the three of them together.
Loves his bed!!!
Just stupid!

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