Happy Birthday Tobi

Tobi is six (6) years old today. We still call him Baby Cat because when we adopted him we assumed he would remain the youngest, but he is no longer the youngest and he most certainly is no longer the smallest!

He is however probably the softest most gentle of the cats, and that is saying something when we have Dusky.

He is loves a cuddle, a play with Marti and a chill in the garden. Has become quite an independent cat but he is never apart from Marti for long: they check in with each other throughout the day and usually have some time together to catch up.

He has come a long way from the scared little kitten I rescued from inside a car engine!

A very handsome boy
Still best mates with Marti, they are never apart for long.
He thinks should be our Xmas card next year!
Loves the garden
Comfortable with the dogs
Loves playing with the Donuts

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