Happy Christmas from Flickr

OK, so I know this isn’t specifically Apple news, but as I have a Flickr account just for Mac related pictures, and I guess I am not alone in using my Mac a LOT for picture related stuff, this may be of interest to you.

Flickr have increased the amount of pictures you can upload each month on their free accounts by 5 times – honest!. I was really pleased when I found this out as a couple of my accounts here and here were already full this month, but when I checked they now say they had only used up around 20% of the limit – nice result.

This was great timing for me as I had recently emailed them to ask if it was possible to pay for a Pro Account, but to have it distributed across a number of free accounts. I know a Pro Account is unlimited (even more so now) but I actually really like to keep my photos separate i.e. by project, or area of interest so I was happy to pay for a Pro Account, but didn’t want just the one account. This made sense to me as Flickr got the revenue and as I would then be entitled to unlimited uploads and pictures why would it matter if that was spread across a number of accounts? But as you will no doubt guess that isn’t an option – not that I am worried now.

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas from Flickr

  1. Gary

    I know a Pro Account is unlimited (even more so now)
    “To infinity – and beyond!” 🙂

  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Have just noticed that my account is now Pro, which is very strange as I haven’t asked for it and I certainly haven’t paid anybody.

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