HEIL PL 2T Topless Boom

So far the PL 2Tis the only item to have arrived. I have set it up BUT it does look a little sad all on its own.

It is remarkably solid, somewhat heavy, but the mechanism is really smooth and easy to use. Once in place the arm stays where you want it to be. I have it clamped to a glass shelf, which is fine, but ideally I would have preferred something a little sturdier for it to fasten to. As I doubt I will be moving it that much though I should be fine. They do offer a number of alternative clamps and fastenings so you will find something that works best for you.

It is very easy to set up which is great because the instructions that come with it are pretty non existent! The Boom comes with sheet of letters and numbers so that you can, as they say, “place your station call letters on the boom”, which isn’t something I have done (yet). That isn’t exactly the main reason that I bought it. I bought it because it takes up very little space and minimalism and tidy work areas are obsessions of mine. To that end the patent pending ‘top lift’ technology which allows you to route the microphone cable down the inside of the boom without removing the microphone connectors was very attractive. And of course – I think it looks really cool.

So far so good – can’t wait to get the rest of the stuff and get it all set up, but for now I have to make do with the HEIL.

I have set up a Photocast of this ‘project’ so feel free to subscribe if you use iLife 06 (with .Mac) OR any RSS reader. You will also find some (if not all) of the pictures over on the Flickr account in the MyStuff set

4 thoughts on “HEIL PL 2T Topless Boom

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    ?? Lost in translation… I would like to get one of these? I’m impressed with that boom, I was thinking of purchasing one for myself?

  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Sorry that is the English guy in me!!! When I was a child if I said “I want…..” I was always told “I want never gets”. Was a way of trying to make me a polite child.

    So when I saw your post it took me back a bit – and I was just trying to be funny, especially with the iWant bit a la iTunes etc. 🙂

    Anyway it is a great bit of engineering – couldn’t say if it works yet of course, but I am sure it will.

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