iChat Conference Recorder

iChat Conference Recorder 2, $14.95 is another neat little add on that makes using your Mac even more fun.conference_recorder.jpg

I am sure that there are a number of serious uses for the application, but to be honest I just had a great time messing about with it.

In terms of the details, this is what they say on their web site:

“Conference Recorder is an add-on for iChat AV which automatically transforms your conference sessions into QuickTime movies.


Manually start/stop/pause, or record automatically.
Control movie size and quality.
Creates QuickTime movies.
Creates movies of yourself from within iChat.
State-of-the-art MP4 compression saves disk space.

Conference Recorder is great for lessons, interviews, video podcasts or just having fun.”

See, even they say it is fun!!!

Set up is a breeze, there really isn’t anything that you need to change or configure. The real fun depends on what you want to do with the messages that record. By way of example a 12 minute chat took up 36MB of space, which wasn’t too bad at all, although it was a struggle to send that file to the friend I was chatting to at the time.

Of course as it is saved as a Quicktime movie, so the many options exist as to what you can do with it. I found it fun to post them on my web site as a “reminder” to my friends of what they have said.

Like many products like this the initial buzz does wear off after a while, but it still has value – in fact that is probably when it really becomes useful as you are using it because you need to rather than because you can.

In summary, great product, great fun, you will enjoy it – I did!

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