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I am off to the UK on Wednesday for a few days. I haven’t travelled out of Almerimar for 15 months, since February 2006. In 2005 I made 42 flights, so when I got back in February 2006 I promised myself I would stay at home for at least a year.

Anyway I have spent time today dusting down the old travel bags and getting my stuff together. It is funny as I used to do this pretty much every week. It was second nature, but now it seems to be taking me ages. The truth is I don’t want to leave Almerimar, I have no desire to go back to the UK, and the reason for my trip isn’t pleasant.

But among all this negativity I have unearthed a product that I have always loved and should be in every regular travels kit – the iGo travel charger. Primarily it is a regular sized charger, but with the attraction that it will pick up power from a UK, European, American socket as well as a car or plane seat. At the other end there are two leads which means that you can power two appliances at the same time, which is great, BUT the really neat part is that the leads accept a variety of detachable connectors. So I have a connector for my iPod, Nokia Mobile, Motorola Mobile, and PowerBook. That means that with the one charger can power all my stuff, two at a time. It is a little heavy BUT when you consider that it is the only power charger you need it is well worth it – overall it saves a lot of space and worry.

As for the trip I will be in Yorkshire (around Leeds) Wednesday through Friday so if you live in the area and fancy trying to catch up drop me an email before I leave.

2 thoughts on “iGo – to UK

  1. Darren Rolfe

    All I can say is that isn’t it a shame the Apple Store doesn’t except Air Miles.

    That’s a lot of flights!

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