iLife 06 Update – Wait!!!!

Boy will I ever learn??? I was so excited this morning when I picked up the fact that there was an update out for iLife 06. Now I am just black and blue from a) repeatedly kicking myself and b) searching the forums!!

I recently tried iComment and found it too difficult and cumbersome so I was delighted when I read that iWeb would now have the ability to add comments. I was also disappointed recently when I found that when iPhoto synced with my iPod although it transferred all the pictures over it didn’t seem to transfer over any albums that I was sharing with Photocast, and it doesn’t sync the actual folders that you store your albums in. As a result there is a lot of scrolling to do when you want to look at your pictures on the iPod. I was really hoping that this would be corrected in the iLife 06 update. It wasn’t. Now I may be missing something but I have searched the forums and asked the question many time and it seems that you can’t do the two things that I want to do with iPhoto.

The iWeb update has been a real disappointment. It seems that hardly anybody can get their web sites to publish. The common thought is that this is a problem with volume – just too many people trying to upload at the same time. I can live with this IF it is the case. Only time will tell but as I have been trying now for SEVEN hours I am a little skeptical. My real issues are:

1. Although iWeb now has more themes and templates there is no way to switch the existing site over to a new template, and
2. I now want to modify my site by splitting some of my blogs into separate pages, for example one for sport and one for friends, rather than having them all together but there is no way to drag an existing post over to a new page (or if their is no one on the forums can do it and I can’t find out how)

Forums are predicting update 1.1 VERY soon – I hope so, and if I was you I would wait before you updated if you haven’t already.

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