iPhone Update 10

Guess what? It arrived!!!!!!! Only cost an extra 48.17€ as well which really wasn’t that bad.

So far have unboxed it, tweeted about it, IM’s about a dozen people, installed the SIM and it all seems fine. Just tried to call Sands but she has her phone off.

It looks very sexy, slightly heavier than I was expecting which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and from the one phone call I tried to make the form factor isn’t brilliant for a phone but may not be as bad as I thought it would be. Time will tell. The screen and display is very very clear.

Right off to play a bit – and get ready to gloat on Tim’s show. In fact this may well have made my mind up about going out to watch the rugby later!!!

I took some pictures so will report in later – may even set up twitter on it for the rugby tonight???

22 thoughts on “iPhone Update 10

  1. John

    Yeah me too as my father currently in the US and wondering whether I get him to pick up a couple for us. Especially curious as to unlocking, network setup etc

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    Yay, it arrived!! Hopefully before your recording for Tim’s podcast! Did you have to drive for it, or did it come to you?

    Big question is, does it work with your SIM card???

    Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    It got delivered to the front door this morning! Works just fine with the SIM thanks.

    So far very impressed!

  4. Mac Sokulski

    Goody!! And if you don’t care for the phone part, get the touch. Second best thing.

  5. Wayne LeFevre

    That’s the one I want! The 16G iPod Touch. Too cool for those who can’t get the iPhone. 🙁 Though they cost as much!!

  6. Mac Sokulski

    @Wayne. But you get twice the storage space and don’t have to worry about plans and any extra costs, plus you can get all the iPhone apps. In my opinion better than the iPhone.

  7. Dunks

    Really looking forward to hearing the chat with Tim on Surfbits, and also hearing the detailed review/comments once you’ve had time to play with it.

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    Have had more emails and ‘tweets’ about segment yesterday than any before I think 🙂

    So far I am very impressed with the design, tactile effect it has, and the fact that both men and woman seem to fall in love with it at first sight. It was surprising how may of the guys here knew what is was as soon as they saw it.

    I am going to write about my experiences with it in full during the week – last night was’nt a good ‘test’ in that I can’t remember most of what happened last night!!

    Unless I am missing something (and that could well be the case) it has one serious flaw as a PDA/organiser in that it doesn’t sho your To Do items, or at least I haven’t found them yet!!!!

    The zoom in and out, scrolling, speed etc is all very very impressive, but 8GB is nowhere near enough space.

    At the moment by summary would be that it is a fun gadget but not a serious workhorse – the sum of the parts is better than the individual elements if that makes sense?

  9. Dunks

    Have you discovered your to-do list yet?!!

    Interesting to see you are finding it more of a fun gadget rather than a workhorse. Also interested to hear comment on 8GB being to small. Even with a 16GB, the fact that video and photos can be so beautifully displayed means we would want to add them to the device. I guess rather than the ‘sync the lot’ attitude with an 80GB ipod, we’re going to have to get use to being more selective and also changing content on the device depending on where we’re going, what we’re doing etc.

  10. Chris Marshall Post author

    No To Do list yet, but found a couple of options I should check out at some stage:

    To Do Options

    >Was sort of waiting to see what Mac had to say about this as he must have the same issue on his Touch.

    I have just take a phone call on it for 20+ mins and my ear got very hot and my hand started to cramp from the width of the phone 🙁

    Spot on re the capacity, but I will save my comments until I write the post 🙂

  11. Mac Sokulski

    Thanks for the link Chris, I will definately check those out. Right now I was using the Notes program for simple to do lists. The problem I see right now is that these are on the net. So that limits my access to only work, home, or hotspots, which isn’t that great. I believe we will have to wait untill february for something proper to come out. I don’t mind that since my main concern was adding calendar entries on the Touch. The rest is just candy 🙂

  12. Dunks

    Good link Chris. Issue with the hot ear & cramp is interesting. Do you use bluetooth headsets/earphone & mics sets or do you prefer not to? (Of course you shouldn’t need to just to use a phone comfortably!)

  13. Dunks

    Like you I hate the bluetooth sets. I see people walking around town wearing them and they look daft. I’ve even had a parent arrive at a parents evening appointment wearing one and I really struggled not to laugh through the whole discussion!! (He made matters worse by trying to ‘show off’ about his home network of PC’s – could he not see the beautiful glow of my Powerbook on the desk!!)

  14. Chris Marshall Post author

    Sounds like a total tosser – afraid I have to add people that wear their phone on their belt like it was a gun as well to the list.

    BUT – I need to sort out some kind of carrying case for the iPhone I reckon, as it has already fallen out of my pocket a few times, in fact truth be told I lost it twice on Saturday night, which probably saved you all from a lot more tweets!!!

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