iPhone – will you or wont you?

Yesterday we got the new iPhone. By now I am sure that you all know what it does so I am not going to go over that here. I had fun discussing the keynote live and have some views on the whole event, but that can wait for another post (if you want to read a really good summary though take a look at the views of Matthew, he also shares his initial thoughts on the iPhone).

Out of all the people that I asked yesterday 80% wanted an iPhone. It was the one product that they would go out and buy today if it was available. Before I go any further I need to say that I think the iPhone is amazing. Whether it will really be the first step in a “new tomorrow” is debatable, as when the hype dies down it may well be seen as a convergence device more than a revolutionary device, but only time will tell.

When I wrote about the iPhone before it was certainly on my wish list for this year, but I am 90% sure that I wont be getting one, and not just because it wont be available in Europe until Q4.

1. I just don’t like the form factor for a phone. I think it looks great, is probably as sexy as hell, and has an awesome feature set. But for me, it doesn’t look enough like a phone that I would use, and as that would be the primary use that I would have for it I am not tempted.

2. The price is just too high. Again, it is probably worth it (or at least justifiable) when you consider it is an iPod (albeit a pretty small one), an internet device (but in my experience “internet on the go” is good in theory but little used in practice), and a phone. But as already have more iPods than is really healthy and my life style just doesn’t require internet access when I am out of the apartment it works out as a very expensive phone, and as my wife will tell you I haven’t even turned on my current cell phone this year!!

3. I imagine that with the Apple name change, and the introduction of the iPhone, we will see a range of iPhones over the next year or so just as we did with the iPod, and I think (hope) that I may find something closer to what I want later on.

I have mixed emotions. I am really excited about the current iPhone from the technical perspective and from a directional point of view for Apple. The coverage that it has received in the press and the effect it has on the share price are testament to this. Personally I am disappointed, but secretly relieved, that the iPhone just hasn’t grabbed me and that for now my bank balance is healthier than I thought it would be this morning.

Let me know if you will be getting one, and I reserve the right to change my mind when I actually see one!

10 thoughts on “iPhone – will you or wont you?

  1. Vince

    I definitely will.
    I just hope they’re doing the best for their European (German in my case) customers.
    UMTS instead of (or optionally to) EDGE for example. And I’m curious about the partner as Cingular in not present in Europe.


  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    I think the Cingular deal is because that is pretty much the only way to get a cell phone in the US i.e. through a new contract. The handset only market really hasn’t taken off yet like it has in Europe.

  3. Greg McQueen

    An iPhone *will* be my phone, however, not until the second or third generation is released. Second and third gen iPods were a great improvement on the first generation and, given Apple’s habit of quickly releasing next gen products, I think I’ll not have to wait long. I also think the equivalent of an “iPhone Nano” might follow, which will be much lighter on the wallet.

    Resist the hype… Resiiiiiist… (I’m pinching myself really hard!) RESIST!!!

  4. MyAppleStuff Post author

    I think you are right. IF by dropping the “Computers” from their name Apple are going to become more of a consumer company, then they must develop a range of iPhones – name me a mobile (cell) phone company that only has one product in its stable?

    My guess though is for an extended range at next years Macworld. There are enough disciples around to make the current one a success, and people will need time to see out their current contracts.

  5. Wayne LeFevre

    OK, riddle me this. Would you buy it if it were cheaper, more memory, and NO phone? Call it a PDA/iPod. Personally, I’d be all over it personally.

  6. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Not at all. I have gone through pretty much every PDA that has ben produced (Palm, Clie, iPAQ, Communicator etc) and whilst they have a value I have little use for them. I like the fact that I can have my diary, contacts and personal notes (via VoodooPad Pro) on my iPod already. Sure it may be nice once or twice a year to be able to add a diary entry to the iPod but I can do that easily enough on my V3.

  7. Wayne LeFevre

    OK, clarification. As one who has never had a PDA, (never the need, I guess,) call it a iPod Pro. (With widescreen video.)

  8. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Well I am torn on that one. As an iPod addict I would want it naturally but with my sensible hat on I am not sure how much I woould use it. I very rarerly watch anything on my 5G iPod with video, and I am sure that is because of my lifestyle rather than the size of the screen. In 2005 I made 42 flights and took a PSP with me on every one, and I think I only watched two movies on it the whole time. It isn’t really a medium that appeals to me for movie watching etc.

  9. Andy Rudkin

    I am really looking forward to this product. The price doesn’t scare me (as I see the value in combining all the separate elements) and the European launch date of Q4 2007 is perfect for me for 2 reasons. Firstly I will be coming to the end of my current plan and won’t have to wait 18 months to switch and secondly, there will hopefully be the iPhone 1.1 on the market by then which may have corrected any initial bugs and issues from the original.

    I am a Graphic Designer by trade and have often toyed with the idea of investing in a laptop to compliment my main desktop machine. But this second machine could be seriously underused and would risk being used as a glorified calendar and image viewer.

    This is where the true value of the iPhone would benefit me.

  10. MyAppleStuff Post author

    I said at the time that although it has lots of “personal” applications this iPhone reminds me too much of a PDA and as such of a “business” tool. I can see totally why it would appeal, and I am sure you will benefit from it. If I was working and travelling like I used to then I would be very tempted.

    As far as a “phone that plays music” goes which is fundamentally all I want I don’t like the form factor, and I don’t need most of what it has to offer. That said each day it seems that details arecoming out about a “range” of iPhones and I think we will all be happy enough in the long run.

    It would be interesting to know how many people that would have bought the iPhone the very next day if it was launched go on to buy it when it is available.

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