iPod Touch hacked!!

No I haven’t gone and bought a iPod Touch and no the iPhone hasn’t turned up BUT I know a number of you are waiting to see the iPod Touch hacked so that it can become a useful PDA etc.

Well this post has a health warning to it, and not just the one that you would expect regarding ‘hacking at your peril’. I wont spoil it for you yet, you can find out when you read the full post but needless to say it made me feel very very old and behind the times to say the very least!!!

If any of you give this a try let me know how it goes please …………

The amazing thing about iJailbreak is that is was written by a 13 year old hacker called Arix. If anything was needed to reinforce how old and behind the times I am on a Monday morning it was that bit of news!


Apparently it works just fine, but only on a Intel Mac (as if that is going to make me feel any less bad) and is a pretty simple process:

  • Download the application, copy across the disk image to your application folder. Slightly confusing as the disk image and the application itself have the same icon
  • Be sure to move the disk image and not the application on its own to your Mac’s Application folder
  • Quit iTunes and run the iJailbreak app with your touch not connected
  • A series of instructions will follow. With your touch disconnected from your Mac surf to the address given
  • Safari will close, taking you back to the home screen
  • Connect your touch to your Mac when prompted and follow the rest of the procedure. The actual “Jailbreaking” took around 7minutes
  • Post connection, there will be three requests to restart your touch. Follow the onscreen commands each time
  • Install “Community Sources” for a wealth of different applications
  • Other noteworthy features include a full calendar fix. The calendar is now identical to the iPhone’s version. The fix must be installed additionally once you have Installer.app up

As with any such activity, you do it at your own risk and there is a chance you will ‘brick’ your Touch, but a full System Restore is pretty easy to do.

Via [Gizmodo]

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  1. Mac Sokulski

    it comes preconfigured for google, .mac, and yahoo, but you can configure it for imap or pop3. I’ve setup my google, .mac, and one of my imap accounts. It works perfectly. Ties in to all the apps and address book. So you can email from the browser, or the notes application. I really like it. It even reads PDF attachments, even though there is not PDF reader as a separate app. So far so good.

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