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iPresent It ($17.95) is a simple and effective way of looking at presentations on your iPod, although how effective that is and how interesting that is to you will vary greatly I imagine. For me it was more fun – to take a presentation (funny slides type of thing) and show it to my friends in the bar was interesting. To think about presenting a business proposition was less attractive, although with the iPod hooked up to my TV the quality was good enough.

Easy to set up with very few preferences, Save Location, Keynote, Image Type and Image Processing, I have this in my “Fun To Use” application list, but anybody trying to figure out if they would really use an iPhone could do a lot worse than to take a look at this to see if it was the type of activity you could imagine using an iPhone/iPod for.



Works with any iPod with a color screen. Note that the iPod nano does not support video output.

Optimizes slideshows for viewing via an iPod or Apple TV. iPresent It will automatically detect your presentation resolution and ensure that it is formatted correctly for display in standard or widescreen formats.

Create slideshow images from any of your PowerPoint or PDF presentations.

Saves presentations as sub-folders of a folder (such as the folder being used to sync to your iPod via iTunes).

Easily update your slideshows whenever you make changes to a presentation. With built-in tracking to indicate which presentations need updating you’ll never be caught without your latest changes.

Full drag and drop support for adding presentations.

Easily remove slideshows when they are no longer needed. Removing them from iPresent It ensures they will be removed from your iPod the next time you sync.

Preview slides as they’re converted into a slideshow.

Also works with digital cameras and projectors that support USB flash drives (see the FAQ for details).

Mac Specific
Saves presentations as albums in iPhoto.

Create slideshow images from any of your Keynote presentations.

Keynote 2 support includes full build extraction, each build step is converted into a unique image for displaying via your iPod.

Use the OS X print dialog’s Save As PDF button to create slideshow images for any document.

Drag and drop presentations onto the application for one-time slideshow creation.


4 thoughts on “iPresent It

  1. Michael Zapp

    I thought I’d mention that the original intent was to use this so you could connect your iPod to a data projector and use it for making a business (or school) presentation without requiring a laptop.

    Having said that, having fun at a bar is as good a reason as any ;-).


  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Now the bar in question actually has a huge big projection screen, next time I will hook it up and give a presentation 🙂

  3. dunks

    Now this looks useful for the day job teaching. I regularly have to do assemblies and presentations in lessons in a variety of different classrooms – they all have data projectors set up and it would be great to only have to wlak in with an ipod and deliver the content!

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