Iris 1.0 from MildMannerd Industies costs $30 and as they say on their site:

Iris lets you do more cool stuff with your iSight.

It has a number of features, most of them fun to be honest, but the motion detector is pretty cool and has certain uses:

  • Take Snapshots
  • Make Movies
  • Record TimeLapse Movies
  • Detect unwelcome visitors, with Motion Detection, and Email Alerting
  • Broadcast your video over the web, with Iris’s built in WebCam
  • Browse your snapshots and movies in Iris’s built-in Gallery. Send them by email, upload them to Flickr, or export them to view on your iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone.

Funnily enough I find it far better to use with the external iSight camera that I have on the Mac Pro than the inbuilt iSight’s on the MacBook and the iMac. The iMac is particularly limiting as the iMac pretty obviously is static so apart from images of myself and videos of myself at the screen it isn’t particularly useful. The MacBook has slightly more flexibility as you can at least move the MacBook around, but with the external iSight I had fun taking snaps and movies of Moreno as he played around in the study.

Moving on from the fun aspects, the two features that attracted me most where the Motion Detection and the Broadcast feature.


This is something that I have always been interested in, although have no real need. I have also felt that the hassle of leaving the computer running all the time, the amount of hard disc space required and the fact that sods law says I would be miles away when I got the altert all to much hassle. With Iris I liked the fact it detecetd the motion and took a snap, but again it was more fun than anything else – was good to see what Moreno got up to when I was away from the Mac for example, but as a surveillance system it doesn’t get past go.

WebCam mode was pretty cool, and if I ever needed or wanted to broadcast anything over the Internet I would certainly use it:


All in all a well put together application that works well. If you have a need for something like this it is well worth a look, or if you just want to have some fun and maybe do a bit of amatuer spying it may be for you.

2 thoughts on “Iris

  1. jeremy

    On the subject of webcams, can anyone recommend a good Mac (of course) compatible one?

    I heard a review of one on a recent podcast but can’t remember what it was or where I heard it 🙁

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Can’t beat the iSight naturally. Or try connecting your Camcorder if you have one via the FireWire. Apart from that I have no experience as have onl ever used iSight.

    Thios thread may help 🙂

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