iTunes 7.2 Problems

Last night I wanted (proudly) to show my parents some of Moreno’s movies over the network via Front Row. On every Mac I tried it showed the shared videos but wouldn’t play them – kept coming up with a “The shared video server may be having problems playing the video”.

It looks like this is now a known fault with iTunes 7.2, so if you are still on 7.1 stick with it for now!

2 thoughts on “iTunes 7.2 Problems

  1. Danny

    Hmmm – iTunes seems to be getting a bit of a reputation at the moment, especially on the windows side. I hope the new Safari doesn’t go the same way. Could it be, perhaps, something to do with maintaining 2 code bases and trying to keep them as identical as possible – thats got to be very hard on 2 different platforms.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Funny – the security update to safari yesterday required a reboot on the mac but not on the PC.

    You may be right – but it works on if you stick with iTunes 7.1, all very dissapointing.

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