iWatermark ($20) is the worlds No. 1 watermarking application for Mac and Windows. Stylishly Copyright all your images in just minutes.

Within hours this was a Top 10 application in my book. To cut to the chase, I love it!!! It helps that I post a lot of pictures onto the web across a number of Flickr accounts and blogs and I really wanted to be able to add different watermarks easily and quickly without creating a brush in Photoshop or similar.

It is very rare that you come across an application that does exactly what you want it to do, especially one that does it so easily, effectively and affordably. When you do though it sure does feel good!

I have no hesitation at all in suggesting that this application is worth taking a look at. As you can see from the picture at the top, even Moreno is full of praise for it so that pretty says it all.

Setting up the watermarks was simple, and the examples they provide give some really cool ideas and suggestions


Once it is set up it is a simple as dragging the image across, selecting the Watermark set you want to use and processing it.


Icing on the cake for me was the ability to resize the images, by preset or manually, as this is something I do a lot of on a day to day basis.


Stuff You May or May Not Want to Know

Why Watermark

  • http://www.scriptsoftware.com/iwatermark/
  • http://www.scriptsoftware.com/iwatermark/
  • Avoid the surprise of seeing your artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.
  • Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it.
  • Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved after that
  • Avoid intellectual property squabbles.

About Invisible Watermarks

There are two main techniques for watermarking your images. One is the visible method, used by iWatermark, where you superimpose your logo or signature onto your image.

The second is designed to be invisible, and is used by companies such as Digimark. Hidden throughout the picture, within the code that generates it, is a recognizable pattern that identifies it as being your artwork.

This technique is usually far more expensive and has two major drawbacks. It almost always reduces the quality of the picture, and it may encourage people to copy your work because it does not appear to be copyrighted. In both cases, a skilled graphic designer intent on using your image, can find ways to remove your watermark at a cost to the quality of the image.

To learn more about the comparison of visible and invisible watermarking, here is a great article on the subject

System Requirements

System requirements: Any Mac running OS X 10.3 or higher. Any PC running Windows 98 or higher.

Readable Image Formats

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • Photoshop (Requires Quicktime)
  • PICT (Macintosh Only)
  • BMP

Writable Image Formats

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PICT (Macintosh Only)
  • BMP (Windows Only)
  • TIFF


  • Watermark entire folders of images at once.
  • Scale all your images to be the same size.
  • Creates thumbnails of your watermarked images.
  • Use text, TIFF or PNG logos for your watermarks
  • Set the transparency of your watermark.
  • Rotate, scale, and place your watermark, anywhere on your picture.
  • Use special effects such aqua, shadow and/or emboss on your watermark.
  • Preserve the data captured with the image, such as EXIF and IPTC
  • Input and Output your watermarked image into a variety of different image formats.

3 thoughts on “iWatermark

  1. Mac Sokulski

    I ran into this program by accident a few weeks ago. I’m pretty impressed with it. It does what it says and does it well. Fast too.
    Definately recomend it.

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