Just For Fun Picture Competition

I have been a Mac user for a year now, and one of the most rewarding aspects of this has been the participation in a number of Mac related schemes and communities. I have made some great contacts, and daily meet up with interesting people. Although all my kit is new I have been fascinated by the older equipment that is still going strong.

Some time ago I set up a Flickr account to capture these pictures. With the holidays just behind us and MacWorld looming large I wanted to ask you to send me pictures of your new Mac stuff, especially you first time buyers. If you could email me any pictures along with a brief description to my.applestuff@gmail.com I would really appreciate it.

How will I show that appreciation? The best picture will receive a free copy of Version 1.1 of CastCount, a years subscription to the new MyMacGames, and the “opportunity� to record a segment over with Tim at Mac ReviewCast to discuss their purchase, picture etc.

Mark, Tim and I will discuss and agree the “best� picture so it will be subjective, but remember is is all for fun!

Thanks in advance

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