Just Run 20km

Well to be precise I have just run 13.08 miles in 2 hours 24 minutes and 16 seconds, so that is the sponsored run done!

I hadn’t intended to do it today but while I was out running a few things conspired to make it happen:

  • It was raining so was more pleasant to run than when sunny
  • My right thigh felt like it was strained so I was worried that it would seize up and stop me running for a few days
  • As a result of the above I started to get blisters so was worried that they may prevent me running for a few days

All in all it made sense to soldier on and get it over with especially as people had started talking about organising a start and end point and making too much fuss of it for my liking.

By way of proof I used Sands Nano and Nike+ as you can see below. Only thing that isn’t accurate is that it is calibrated for her weight so I will have expended something like 2,000 calories not the 1321 shown.


More later, I am off for food and a lie down for a week!!!!

Thanks to everyone that supported and sponsored me, once I know how much was raised I will let you know, and I will leave the sponsorship details up for just a little longer in case you were waiting to see if I actually did it!

6 thoughts on “Just Run 20km

  1. Tom Hancocks

    Congrats Chris on completing the 20km. Thats 20km more than I can do :). How long have you been training for that now?

  2. Mac Sokulski

    Impressive…. did you take any photos along the way? 🙂

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    Afraid not:

    • I hadn’t planned to actually do it yesterday
    • It was raining
    • I was busy running

    But you I will consider doing it again with full camera bag!!! The irony is that as it was raining it would actually have been a good time to take that picture you want me to take!!

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