Keyspan USB 2.0 Server


Network your USB devices! The USB 2.0 Server ($129) makes it possible for USB printers (including multi-function printers), USB scanners, USB hard drives and other types of USB devices to be used and shared by PCs on a network. It is ideal for home office, small office or classroom use.

I have been really pleased with the way this has performed, over both a wireless and a ethernet network. I use it pretty much all of the time over the ethernet network here, but once of twice I have had cause to use it over a wireless network and it has performed just fine.

How it works

As it is a server it requires the software to be installed on each computer (Mac and Windows) that you want to access the USB device, so that is the first thing that you do. This provides you with a simple control panel that once you have attached your devices, in my case a printer and a scanner that I wanted to share, it shows the devices as available devices on the network. Then to connect to the device you click the green icon, and to disconnect you click on the red button, and you know what? It really is that simple and that effective.

What I have found particularly useful has been the portability and ease of set up as this has allowed me to move it around as circumstances dictate.

I would say that this is the perfect addition to any home with multiple computers and USB devices that need to be shared. A very solid performer.

Why Buy It

  • Share USB printers, scanners and other USB devices via a network
  • Access USB devices from a Wi-Fi laptop
  • Extend a USB connection to any distance


For use with a wide range of USB devices including printers, multi-function printers, scanners, hard drives, HID devices (mice and keyboards), bar code scanners, thumb print readers, graphics tablets, data loggers, POS devices, telescopes, PDA cradles, digital cameras, thumb drives, electronic white boards and more.

The USB 2.0 Server does not currently support attachment of USB hubs. Hub support is expected to be added in a future firmware update.

USB audio and video products are not supported at this time.


  • Windows XP of Vista (32 bit)
  • Mac OSX (10.3.9 or later)


26 thoughts on “Keyspan USB 2.0 Server

  1. Mac Sokulski

    I’ve been looking for something like this for the office. I’ve tried a few and I must say they were utter crap! Too bad there is no list of supported devices, or is it because it will work with any scanner, and printer, with all their functionality? If the answer is yes…. then I might have to try one out…..

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    As far as I know it works with everything, except USB Hubs, audio and video, but I will check with them as I am talking to them about reviewing something pretty damn cool 🙂

  3. KeyspanDude

    Hi Mac Sokulski,

    I saw your comment and wanted to post a quick reply…

    The short answer is yes, we support any printer, any scanner, etc with all features and functions enabled (ie if you have a multifunction printer, you can print, scan, fax, etc through our server).

    Regarding the compatibility list….

    We don’t keep an active compatibility list (they tend to get outdated on a daily basis anyway). Instead, we’ll tell you what isn’t support (see below). If you have a problem, upgrading to our latest software and/or the latest software for your USB device usually solves the issue.

    We don’t support isochronous USB devices. Isoch is a type of USB communication that is used in certain classes of USB devices. These are typically USB webcams (used for video chatting – digital still cameras don’t use isoch and therefore work via our server), USB speakers (that transmit audio via USB), and some video input devices (ie a TV tuner) usually fall under this category. Isoch devices are not supported by our software at this time.

    I hope this helps!


  4. Mac Sokulski

    @KeyspanDude – thank you for your answer. I’m impressed that a representative would come on and answer my question. Very nice. I have two of these on order with my supplier. Unfortunately they are back ordered. They will be put to test by some very finicky users. One is on a Mac with Parallels, and needs to print to the same usb printer from both OS at the same time.
    Too bad I have to wait.

  5. Dunks

    This looks very useful – with regard to wireless, I assume one computer acts as the host device?? Or does the actual unit contain a wireless card?

  6. Mac Sokulski

    From what I gather you connect the device to the network via ethernet. When it’s connected then it becomes easy to find with the software that is supplied with it. So if you are on the same network, either wired or wireless, you should be able to access the scanners/printers connected to the Keyspan USB Server. This is only my theory as I do not have the device yet. It’s still back ordered.

  7. Chris Marshall Post author

    [quote comment=”9859″]This looks very useful – with regard to wireless, I assume one computer acts as the host device?? Or does the actual unit contain a wireless card?[/quote]

    This link shows some set up options:

    But it hasn’t got a wireless card built it. Mac is right. I have mine connected to my network via ethernet, and from there it is possible to connect two USB devices to it – to ‘extend’ the devices that you have available on your network. Then you install the software on any computer that you want to be able to use the USB Server, and when you fire that up on the relevant computer it will show you which devices are connected and available to use.

  8. Charles Dunn

    Apparently the iPhone is an “Isochronous device” and, as such, doesn’t work with the U2S-2a. Unfortunately, the only way I was able to find this out was to buy a U2S-2a, plug in the iPhone and read the “event log” in the keyspan software, which repeatedly says:
    201 T1 131.948 Server [] 207ea Error Status 2 level 2 P 0 [Isochronous Device]

  9. Chris Marshall Post author

    That is really helpful thanks. As a matter of interest what where you hoping to achieve attaching the iPhone anyway?

  10. Charles Dunn

    Apple requires OS 10.4 and USB2 to synch the iPhone. For historic reasons I have a G4 cube running 10.4 and an iBook running 10.3. Each of these meets only one of the requirements. So my hope was that I could add USB2 ports to the Cube and synch the iPhone.
    Now I guess I will have to find the disk space on the iBook for 10.4.

  11. Pete McGilley

    Back to the Keyspan USB 2.0 Server. I’m currently using a windows box with USB connection direct to the printer. This means when i push the scan button on the printer it automatically scans to the windows machine.

    Would this still work with the USB server?

  12. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Pete – I can’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work as it works that way for me with my all in one printer/ssanner 🙂

  13. Pete McGilley

    Well I got the USB Server and it works great over the LAN. Am totally unable to connect to it from either my Windows or Apple laptop using wi-fi via an AIrport though. Can ping it fine but it just wont see it ;-( Have to invest some serious playtime and find out.

  14. Pete McGilley

    Yippee.. got it to work.. it was setting up local discovery that was the answer 😉

    Only prob now is that I used to be able to scan from the device and it appeared on the printer… this does not work just yet……Oh well more reading….

  15. Thomas

    Hi Pete

    I have the same problem but have no idea what you mean with “setting up local discovery”. Could you explain how you did it ?


  16. Pete McGilley

    Hmmm i found the details out on a website.. and its an option on the software.. to be honest I have not got the usb server any more. The software kinda worked but i had it crashing on some pcs and an apple mac book so I gave up!! I’m currently running my printer on an Airport express.. this works great on windows an mac

  17. Matt

    The keyspan USB 2.0 server doesn’t work with Verizon FIOS networks if you have an Actiontec router. Keyspan doesn’t currently know how to make it work. They blame the router. Verizon won’t help because it is third party hardware. The supplier wants to charge a 15% fee for taking it back.
    Do not buy this if you have Verizon FIOS with an Actiontec router.

  18. Corinne

    i have verizon fios and i got a web cam that worked before i jsut installed it and hooked it up and i cuold see my tv runing threw it
    does verizon fios not work with webcams?

  19. Lee Keels

    I am very frustrated with this device. I have a multi-function printer I want to share on the network. Printing with the device works fine, but scanning fails from any machine that makes the attempt. It starts, but only gets to the adjusting lamp/calibrating phase and then communication with the scanner/printer fails…somestimes even dropping the device from the currently connected computer entirely. It was a lot to pay for a device that doesn’t do the advertised job. FYI….the printer is a Canon MP830.

  20. Mickael

    Hello, I’ve got a big problem with usb server on Vista (32b), when i connect my printer or my scanner, i’ve got a blue screen directly. Have you got a solution about this ?
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Mac Sokulski

    I would check with Keyspan if they have new drivers for Vista. The drivers can be found by selecting the product you have from this list over the keyspan website:
    Another thing I found with Vista, is when you install the drivers, make sure you run the setup file as the administrator. Right click on the EXE and out of the menu, choose “Run as Administrator”. That should help.

  22. Mickael

    Hello Mac Sokulski,
    I try vista driver and it’s the same. I format my computer and i install windows XP and it’s the same (with the last driver).
    When i connect my printer and external hdd it’s ok, but when i try to connect my scanner (Epson perfection Photo 1660) i’ve got a blue screen.
    Can every one can help me to share my scanner ?
    Thank in advance

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