Legally backup your DVD

“Legally backup your DVD to Mac and portable hard disc; Build your own DVD library on Mac to manage, sort and share your DVD; Playback your collected DVDs on Mac without inserting DVD discs”

Many people like me collect tons of DVDs and lay them on bookshelves. Sometimes organizing them can be a very wearing task. DVD library for Mac helps us to organize our DVDs on a virtual book shelf on hard disc. It creates a picture of DVD box for each movie so we can just looking through these virtual DVD boxes on the screen to find out the movie we want to watch.

I use it to create images of DVD discs and preserve them on hard disc. The quality of the images and sound is as good as the original DVDs. I think this software is quite useful for many Mac users who want to organize their DVD collections visually on their computers.

Main features of the software from the website

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