Leopard Application Issues

Following on from the Leopard Experiences Gary suggested that we pool our experiences and share any issues that we have come across or know about with Leopard and specific applications.

Here’s a thought for you. How about a post which asks your community about which applications they’ve found problems with under Leopard? Which ones will definitely require an update because they no longer work, and which ones, like Lightroom, work to an extent (and what fails)?

In particular applications that will require and upgrade, and applications that you want to know about first before upgrading.

Gary for example is interested to know if anyone has any experience to date with the Canon suite of camera applications?

For example I have posted already on the Adobe issues, but will repeat them here to get thing up and running:

Adobe have commented on its compatibility with Leopard, “most, but not all of its applications are compatible with Leopard without the need for an update.”

Applications that are compatible are:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Flash CS3 Professional
  • Contribute CS3
  • Dreamweaver CS3
  • Fireworks CS3
  • Flash Player 9
  • GoLive 9
  • Illustrator CS3
  • InCopy CS3
  • InDesign CS3
  • Bridge CS3
  • Version Cue CS3
  • Device Central CS3
  • Acrobat Connect (Start Meeting)

Products that will require an upgrade to be fully Leopard compatible are:

  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
  • After Effects CS3 Professional
  • Encore CS3
  • Soundbooth CS3

Adobe said it expects to publish free Leopard compatibility updates for the video applications in December 2007 and for Acrobat 8 Professional and Adobe Reader 8 in January 2008.

Older versions of Adobe and Macromedia may work with Leopard, but the company warns there could be “installation, stability, and reliability issues for which there is no resolution.� Adobe said these products would not be updated for Leopard.

So over to you guys, what do you know, what do you want to know ……….

48 thoughts on “Leopard Application Issues

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    Actually I have one!!!

    vmFusion with Windows installed. I saw on twitter yesterday that this seemed to be making Leopard hang. Fact or fiction?

  2. Gary

    Can’t say for certain, but I did notice an update on VersionTracker the other day. Perhaps it addresses the issue upon which people were twittering?

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    That upgrade talks about Leopard Hosts. I am not sure what the problem was – it seemed more to do with the fact that the installed Windows was causing the problem. Whether that was XP or Vista I don’t know, but as I have both installed on 3 Macs I guess I will find out 🙂

  4. Nolan

    Adding to the list is the app “Spanning Sync”. Spanning sync, syncs your multiple icalendars with google calendar. Unfortunately, it has a bug with Leopard.

  5. Mac Sokulski

    Fusion works fine on my MacBook pro with xp pro. I did a clean install and had to reinstall fusion. No problems so far.

  6. Mac Sokulski

    Just tested Fusion 1.0 on my Mac Pro, also fresh install of Leopard. All is working fine. The only app that did not work with Leopard at the start was Spanning Sync. Very nice application that syncs your ical with google calendar. I believe the developer already updated the version to work with Leopard, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    So far I haven’t run into any incompatibilities, and I’ve been reinstalling my apps on a Mac Pro all day.

  7. Gary

    Aha! I finally came across a forum post over at MacRumors (I don’t normally bother with their forums…) which discusses this same topic at some length, and a summary page.
    Apps that won’t work on Leopard
    List of Applications Not Compatible with Leopard

    Mind you, it’s hard work ploughing through the 14 pages already there in the main thread. Especially since it’s common for someone to say “xyz is broken” and someone else to say in the next post “xyz works fine for me”. Sigh… A common theme seems to be that this occurs for users who have upgraded over the top of an existing 10.4, rather than those who have done a clean install of 10.5. Reinstalling the errant app seems to do the trick. Hope this helps someone…

    Still no word on the Canon camera suite of apps though: ImageBrowser, CameraWindow, EOS Utility, etc. I’m beginning to assume that this means it works okay under 10.5 – but it would be nice to know in advance… 🙂

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    That is a help for sure. As you say though what works for someone doesn’t for others so at the end of the day you are left with having to ‘suck it and see’ yourself in many cases.

    What I will do next week (or the week after) is a upgrade on one Mac and note any issues and a clean install on another Mac and then install any of the apps that had a problem with the upgrade option. Actually it may be the end of this week with going to the UK

  9. Mac Sokulski

    Spanning Sync has been upgraded to 1.1 which is compatible with Leopard. Apparently there are issues with it still. I will wait with the upgrade until they are resolved. The issues are discussed here.

  10. Nolan

    Yes I did. Spanning Sync is blaming a bug in Leopard sync services. They did give tips on a work around. I’ll get brave and install Leopard Monday night with a fellow Mac geek at my side.
    Enjoy the blog, long time, although quiet, reader.

  11. Mac Sokulski

    If you can I would do a clean install. Yes it tales more time to reinstall all your apps, but then there is nothing like a clean feeling and snappy os to make the day.

  12. Chris Marshall Post author

    That seems to be the case ‘in general’ as far as I can gather. Basically the core of the applications work, but to varying degrees more advanced features don’t from time to time.

    And welcome 🙂

  13. dunks

    I’m having fun with Newsfire, my RSS reader of choice – checked site downloaded update but still crashing.

  14. Mac Sokulski

    I’ve done two more installs, or I should say upgrades. One on a latest iMac, and one on a 15″ Macbook Pro. All went smooth with out any problems what so ever. Mind you these two systems were fairly new and did have some apps installed, like old office, parallels. All apps worked fine after the upgrade.
    Still having some troubles with Quicksilver, though. It seems like yesterday news that their server was back up was a bit premature. I still cannot connect to download the plugins.

  15. Chris Marshall Post author

    I have done a total of two Erase and Install and two Upgrades without any problems.

    iGTD and in particular mail tags don’t work with the new mail app, nor does Dockstar

  16. Steve Cooper

    Bit of an update with regards to Canon software.


    Mac Mini (Intel 1.66) upgraded to Leopard
    MacBook (C2D 2Ghz) Wiped and Leopard installed
    Camera: Eos 5D

    Mac Mini: I have the EOS software installed from Tiger. Mainly it was the software supplied on Eos Solution Disk v11.0, only difference was 2.0.2 Eos Utility.

    Connected the 5D, click on Start to Download. I get a message ‘Camera is busy and cannot communicate. Clear if camera’s LCD monitor is displayed.’

    So decided to wipe the software off and reinstall. Plus also decided to update apps to latest intel versions from the Canon USA website (Eos util 2.2.0/ Imagebrowse 602/ DPP 3.2.0).

    Installed and still the same message. Reinstalled original apps once more. And the same error message appears. Gave up at this point and moved to the MacBook.

    MacBook: Clean install of leopard. Installed Canon Apps from CD.
    Camera connected
    CamerawindowDSLR starts
    Fan gets louder!
    Eos Util installed
    Does nothing.

    Notes that Lightroom does see the camera and can download from it. However the Eos Utility has the ability to name the files with the camera body serial number (when downloading from the camera). Handy as I have 2 5D bodies.

    Gives up and cries at this point (because I really do not want to use the C/F reader).
    /Slight update. Found from the Canon USA site, if the camera is set to Print/PTP mode (or something similar anyway) instead of PC connect it does download. However if takes about 1 minute for each 12mb raw image.

  17. Chris Marshall Post author

    That is a really thorough and helpful shout, many thanks. I am sure that Gary will find it particularly helpful.

  18. Steve Cooper

    Tonight I will attempt to borrow my brothers CD for his 400D I’m guessing the combined package will be more up to date.

  19. Steve Cooper

    Oddly in a bored moment I deleted Camerawindow/ImageBrowser and DPP. Now it seems to be uploading fine from the camera. :confused:

    So it could be Leopard or more likely the Canon Software being odd.

  20. Steve Cooper

    Think i may have cracked it now. With my next CF card it again failed with the ‘Camera is busy and cannot communicate. Clear if camera’s LCD monitor is displayed.’ message. So I turned off/on the camera and displayed an image on the rear screen.

    Fired up Eos Utility manually, got the above error. Cleared the LCD on the camera, click to download and it works. Hope Google indexes this as it might help others.

  21. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Steve: thanks, again! If you Google ‘Leopard Canon Issues’ this post comes up #10 or so on the US search 🙂

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  23. Rikard

    Hi, I’ve been cursed with the same error message when I’m trying to tether my 5D (I only just bought it). I just spend hours updating the Canon Utilities and restarting my machine+camera, tried different cards and USB cables.
    But then i googled the error message and ended up on this site, and Steve; your advice works!
    You simply need to preview an image on you camera’s display as you launch the application, then press the shutter when the error message appears!
    Thank god for online forums!

  24. Richard

    Hi – I wanted to tell you that Canon Image Browser crashed up for me today on Leopard. I am new to Apple OS and pretty disappointed. It had worked fine after installation but this morning, after a reboot and a software update, it just broken. I can’t even use it now and have trashed it and will try an install.
    Its a decent program with better control over where you can put your files (I find Iphoto too awkward in this respect….why can’t I just import to a folder and reference them (via an index) as one does on Itunes? I used to use Shutterfly’s free program to crop and upload my pics. I am really TRYING with Iphoto but think I may end up going back to Shutterfly (which incidentally also has much much better red eye removal – Iphoto is just terrible at that).
    Anyway, I hope this helps anyone else that is Googling the same problem. I would appreciate it if anyone else has an issue and finds a solution so we can all benefit from it. Richard

  25. Richard

    I took a look at lightroom. It looks great but its probably overkill for what I need.
    I should add that I went to Canon’s web site and they had an updated Image Browser which was posted 2 weeks ago. I have tried it and so far so good although I haven’t tested extensively. The more I speak to former Windows users who have, like me, adopted a Mac the more I hear criticism about the lack of control Iphoto gives you.
    I just ordered VM Fusion so I am eager to hear from other users if there is an issue with Leopard.

  26. Chris Marshall Post author

    I think people need to accept that iPhoto is fundamentally a ‘fun’ family type application that makes filing and displaying the ‘family snaps’ easy and effective.

    I you want a more serious/professional solution then iPhoto isn’t the tool at all, Lightroom and Aperture are. I am a big fan of Lightroom.

  27. Michael

    I just want to thank Steve and Rikard for getting me back to tethered shooting with my 5D. Just imagine if Canon was as helpful and them!!

  28. Neil Snape

    After a day of troubleshooting, I came across your pages here. Thanks to you I just got my 5D and the latest to shoot tethered under a clean install of Leopard. I hate the Canon soft, and only need to bring in images to auto import in LR.
    How can Canon take things so lightly?

  29. Chris Marshall Post author

    Glad you got sorted 🙂 Am not a Canon user so can’t comment, and to be honest I don’t use the Nikon sofware either.

    I am a huge fan of Lightroom though 🙂

  30. Ivan Gonzalez

    Thanks for the tip about viewing an image to get remote shooting with the 5D, Image Browser was not working but after a couple of automatic relaunch did work, I am using Leopard and a Macbook Pro

    Shame on you CANON!

  31. Michael

    THANKS!!! Never would have figured out the trick with shooting tethered with a 5d and leopard. Thanks!!!

  32. Steve Cooper

    The thing is, it’s really simple. But sometimes you don’t spot what’s in front of you. I know I didn’t initially!

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  34. bill

    [quote comment=””][…] Touch the play button on your camera as if you were trying to review the pictures, it does not matter if you have any pictures or no. Start eos utility, press on the remote shooting option, once you get the error message press halfway the shutter button. you should be all set now. […][/quote]

  35. stuart

    just broke my power book, so got my old ibook G4 out can anyone help me try to install Leopard on it i know the ibook is only running on 1.33Ghz powerpc G4 and Mac OSX version 10.3.9 is there anything ican do or should i just give up!!!!

  36. Mac Sokulski

    Stuart…. what problems are experiencing with leopard installation? One thing I had a problem with leopard and my old powerbook g4 (also running 1.33 and 1.25gb ram), was that it was overheating quite a bit, when doing any processor intensive apps, and would just shut down. Have you tried installing tiger on that machine?

  37. stuart

    no i aint tried installing tiger. the problem is when it says to install click restart, it restarts the ibook then a box comes up sayin i need to restart my computer which i already have done! this keeps on reapeating itself no matter what i do/ will installing tiger change this problem??

  38. Mac Sokulski

    Did you do a clean install or an upgrade? From what I know upgrades are notoriously unreliable. What I would try is a clean install. If you did a clean install then try Tiger, and see how that goes.

  39. stuart

    tried to upgrade, the reason for it is because i bought a new ipod and broke my power book at the same time!! gutted!!! it wont work until i got the new upgrade, will tiger do that?

  40. stuart

    sorry a clean install wont work with leopard on my ibook just tried it same problem!

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