Less is More

A much needed and planned quiet week cricket wise this week, as the combination of a old wise head and being much clearer as to my cricketing objectives meant that I focussed on the Staffordshire Seniors Semi-Final, and accepted that long car journeys really do me no favours at all!

I have had a gone run on the old rehab and it is making quite a difference. Not going to have a huge impact this season as the rehab does create soreness and stiffness, but I am increasingly optimistic that a strong winter will see a lot of improvement.

Church Eaton v Newcastle & Hartshill

Originally selected as had made myself available I asked to be replaced if possible as the 6 hours in the car last Tuesday coupled with quite an active performance meant by body was really very stiff (the glutes!!) and with another long car journey committed to and a semi final to prepare for I didn’t feel that I would be doing anybody any favours.

So I had the experience of being 12th person waiting to see if anybody cried off …. and fortunately nobody did.

Runs4Research v Sarisbury Athletic

A great day and a good game. Contributed with ball but certainly not with bat and spent most of the day at first slip. Made some good contacts for NBCC, met some great people and will play again next year if selected. Again though, long day in car not great at all. Better to be fair, but still a long way to go!

Unicorns Coaching

Rained off – well a handful went for an hour. No tears from me

Church Eaton Nets

Will get there one day but the week got away from me, and there were none arranged so again …. no tears!

Warwickshire v Northamptonshire

Victim of the rain. These days are really an opportunity to get Dad and Mum out. Dad likes the cricket so I tend to ‘look after’ Mum. Truth is I am not that fussed about going per se, primarily because if I watch sport I like to watch it on my own so I can concentrate and form my own opinions on what I am seeing. As ever we had a Plan B …. lunch which was pleasant enough but Pub Lunches most certainly not my thing as rarely comfortable, struggle to find anything I really fancy eating, and far too expensive for what they are.


More of a check up than anything else to make sure that the ongoing tenderness in knees is related to other parts of my body. The overall progress is really good, but will take a good three months in the winter I think to ‘fix’ lower outside calf, left hip and groin, right thigh and hip and right arm/shoulder.

Had thought of not playing at all with the semi final next week but am playing for Church Eaton on Saturday, doing nothing on Sunday and then coaching Unicorns on Monday night where I hope to get a good net before the match against Worcestershire on Tuesday!

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