LightZone 3.2

I reviewed LightZone in April and liked it. In fact a number of people said that if they could only have one from Lightroom, LightZone or Photoshop they would go with LightZone. I have to confess that I haven’t really used it that much recently, but 3.2 made me go back and look at it again, and it really is impressive. This updated version is fully compatible with the new Apple OS X Leopard operating system, allowing more users to engage in the innovative and powerful photo-editing capabilities of LightZone.

Press Release

Light Crafts, creator of award-winning LightZoneâ„¢ photo editing software, today released version 3.2 of LightZone. The updated version of the software is fully compatible with the new Apple OS X Leopard operating system, giving users of Apple’s newest Mac operating system the innovative and powerful photo editing capabilities of LightZone. The LightZone update also adds support for a number of new digital cameras, including: Canon PowerShot G9 and Canon 40D (sRAW); Leica V-LUX 1; Olympus EVOLT E-510; Panasonic DMC-FZ18; and Sony DSLR-A700. Support for the recently announced Nikon D3, D300 and the Olympus E-3 cameras is expected to be available immediately upon their commercial release.

LightZone photo editing software, available for both the PC and Mac, uses an innovative approach to editing and manipulating digital photographs. Its powerful and easy-to-use tools, based on patent-pending image processing technology, make adjusting and improving photos a quick and simple process. Photos, even those with poor lighting or exposure, can be improved with just a few clicks of the mouse. Other photo editing solutions require more time and many more steps to achieve similar results.

“Light Crafts is pleased to offer support for both the new Apple Mac OS X Leopard operating system and numerous digital cameras recently introduced from leading digital camera manufacturers,” said Fabio Riccardi, CEO, Light Crafts. “Many of our customers are early adopters of leading edge technology and new products. They can continue to count on Light Crafts to provide support for new products that are continuously introduced into the fast moving digital photography market.”

Pricing and Availability

LightZone 3.2 is available for purchase and download at The price is $249.95 for the Full version and $149.95 for the Basic version. LightZone Full is a premium standalone photo editor with batch processing and digital asset management capabilities. LightZone Basic offers the same photo editing tools as the Full version, but without batch processing or multi-image editing. A free, fully featured trial version of LightZone is available on the Light Crafts website.

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