Lockdown 3.0: Preparing For Re-Entry

Last Lockdown 3.0 post, and hopefully last Lockdown post ever – you and me both – as this week welcomed the first milestone on our release back into the wild from captivity.

My parents spent time with friends of over 40 years in the garden this week, a good reminder to all that even the ‘oldies’ have life in them yet and want to share what time they have with people they have know for years: something I wish all those in the “the old have had their day” camp would remember and respect. Next on their list will be a visits to Yorkshire and Gloucester to see their oldest friends, then a catch up with ‘the Cousins’ and then hopefully some days at the cricket. The latest speculation/hope is that from May 17th fans will be allowed back in the Grounds (the 25% capacity rue will not effect County Cricket!!) probably with whatever politically correct/wool over the eyes name they give to a Vaccine Passport. Father has had both his Pfizer vaccinations, mother will be double jabbed by mid April so they will be fine. Sands is due her 2nd at the end of May whilst I being the baby of the family do not get mine until the first week of June, but we will all have been completely vaccinated by the time of the first test at Edgbaston.

On the subject of vaccinations I am a little bored with all this Government hype about how many people have been vaccinated: 57% of the population are partially vaccinated, only 7% are fully vaccinated, and I am confused as to what the Government mean by there will be a ‘strong push’ over the coming weeks to get the second vaccines done. They are either going to carry on as scheduled which is hardly a push, or they are going to bring second vaccination dates forward which will make a bit of a mockery of their 12 week timescale they were so adamant about. Would be nice if the press and media pundits asked these type of questions!

The biggest change on my life is the fact that the Cricket Season has slowly started to edge its way towards a start on 17th April. This week Penkridge Cricket Club opened up the nets – we have to book, only 2 of the 3 nets are open, and only 2 players per net – and I have managed to have several good sessions so far. Later this week we have the first ‘training’ session, then at the weekend a working party to tidy up the nets. It has been great to get started, and encouraging how well things have gone so far. I am writing a Cricket Diary of the season if you are interested, and raising money for the NHS throughout the season.

Apart from that life is still very much the same: Sands continues to visit her mother (one jab down, second due in a few weeks) every fortnight as part of her care package (her carer has the day off), I am still going into MERIT Pru (Vice Chair Governor) most weeks so am still testing myself at home before each visit, and apart from that we are walking the dogs, enjoying the ongoing development of the Donuts, and trying to get a little fitter.

We have been fortunate throughout the pandemic, and will continue to be cautious for a long time yet. Many have been far from fortunate and I hope they are not forgotten in the ‘rush back to normality’, and I hope one day the idiots, the small minority who have been disgraceful, take a long look at themselves and figure out how to be more considerate people.

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