MacBook and Mac mini

Both the MacBook and Mac mini have arrived. They were delivered at 11.00. AT 11.30 I got an email from Apple saying that TNT hadn’t been able to deliver them and could I contact them to arrange another delivery date!!

Gotta love it when the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing! Of course I am excited, but having just read the rumours of updated Mac Books any day soon I am already wondering how long that feeling will last!!!

Anyway, got to go take some pictures for the restaurant blog that I am doing, but after that I hope to set them both up, well at least the Mac mini as I am keen to get that ‘solution’ up and running!


Yep new ones are out!!! I have spoken to Apple store here in Spain and they were willing to take the Mac Book back and let me buy the new one. I would expect nothing less of course. The alternative is to keep the new Mac Book and they will give me a reasonable refund.

I have decided to keep the MacBook and accept the refund, because:

– The new MacBook is more expensive and I want to keep within the budget,
– The processor isn’t significantly faster (2.16 opposed to 2.0) especially for the way I will be using the MacBook
– The extra 40Gb on the hard drive would be nice but the price difference plus the refund means that I could buy at 250GB external drive instead which would make much more sense, and
– I wont be burning that much to DVD etc on this one so no real benefit in the quicker drive.

I am happy enough. Impressed with the options they gave me. Now off to play with it!!!

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