Mac Tips Daily! Celebrates 300th Episode with Software Giveaway, the popular Apple and Mac enthusiast site is celebrating the 300th episode of it’s flagship podcast Mac Tips Daily!

The celebration includes a software give away to recognize the 300th Episode of the wildly popular podcast Mac Tips Daily!

Their contest theme is ‘Your First Computer’. ThinkMac is offering the chance to get nostalgic and think about your fondest memories of your first computer.

Entering simply requires telling them what your first computer was, and what your fondest memory of it is.

“We think sharing your fondest memories of your first computer is a very exciting way to celebrate this milestone.”, according to Jonathan Cost, host of Mac Tips Daily!

Software is provided courtesy of Belight Software [Art Text, Print Folio], Agile Web Solutions [1passwd], Zykloid [Posterino], and Acqualia [Picturesque].

Contest entries will be accepted from July 22, 2007 – July 29, 2007.

The winners will be announced the following week online at ThinkMac and Mac Tips Daily!. Winning entries will be posted online at ThinkMac.

The contest is open to anyone except family of ThinkMac and their affiliates. Website
Contest Information
Mac Tips Daily! iTunes Link
Mac Tips Daily! Non-iTunes Link

ThinkMac is the web site that’s home to the Mac Tips Daily! podcast, which provides quick tips to enhance the user experience of Mac OS X 10.4 (“Tiger�). Since 2005, has provided daily step-by-step tutorials, reviews, and news. Mac Tips Daily! is a daily podcast that is routinely featured in the iTunes Technology section.

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4 thoughts on “Mac Tips Daily! Celebrates 300th Episode with Software Giveaway

  1. Dunks

    This post got me thinking about my first computer – an Acorn Electron – I remember the £200 it cost arriving in £10 notes in a letter from my Grandma as a present. Then excitedly thinking about a ZX Spectrum+ or a commodore 64 (which I really wanted). However my parents wanted something ‘educational’ and as the BBC Model’s baby brother, the acorn electron was what they chose. Still, it was a great starting point for me so all was not lost. However I am making up for lost ground running Commodore 64 emulators on my mac!!

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Wow – my first computer as I recall was am Amstrad Laptop, that only had two floppy drives, one to boot from and one to work from!

    I think it was the one that Noah took with him on his boat 🙂

  3. Wayne LeFevre

    Laptop! Wow, my first was an 8086 IBM PC w/ 1 5/25″ floppy and 16k of RAM! Played Zork on that thing all night long. Finally got another floppy for it, so I could finally stop swapping discs every time I wanted to save the game!

    I always wanted one of those fancy Timex Sinclairs or the Tandy TRS-80. But, the IBM had built in basic which was always cool. I never thought about the Apple IIs that the High School had were “real” computers!

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