As I am sure you are aware by now MacAppADay are having a few server issues, but they do have an app today, and you can get it here

I know that they are really sorry for this, but as they say it is out of their hands. “For reasons beyond our immediate control, we’re still unable to do anything regarding the server. However, we’ve got a great app for you today from the people at Ergonis. It’s called Typinator, and I’d recommend you’d try it out. Not only have they set up the Typinator deal, they’ve also gone ahead and been cool enough to offer the great bundle”

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4 thoughts on “MacAppADay

  1. Dave M.

    It was pretty surprising to see Go Daddy popup when I tried to go to the site recently. It made me think that someone had hijacked their domain. It’s good to see they are back. I already have a really nice keyword replacement program (typinator like app) called TextExpander. It works very well for me.

    Glad to see that they are coming back.

  2. DanW

    And now they’re down again. Poor guys, I bet they’re ready to splodey their server real good.

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