MacBook & Mac mini – first thoughts

As this is the second Mac mini I knew what to expect. The main reason for wanting this Mac is to hook it up permanently to the B&O TV in the lounge.

Now we have the Mac mini, TV Max and Sky+ all connected to the B&O. The Mac mini is on the network via ethernet so we will continue to record stuff onto Sky+ and/or the Mac mini in my study, but if we want to watch it back off the Mac mini(s) on the TV we now have the second Mac mini connected all the time which is going to be so much easier.

I still need to work out the best way to access the files off this new Mac mini as they are all going to require eyeTV. I think a Mighty Mouse is going to be required.

Mac mini.jpeg

I really didn’t know what to expect with the MacBook. I am only really getting this so that my father can take over my PowerBook – basically traded the PowerBook for the Mac mini and the MacBook.

Naturally the packaging was great, but the polystyrene with the holes in was really cool, and Moreno loved it! I set it up with the utility that copied everything over from the PowerBook. I will probably tidy it up a bit in the next month or so but as I have enough stuff to be getting on with I wanted the easy option – very impressive.

So far I am really impressed – it looks great and I love the small screen, but then again it isn’t going to be my main Mac so I am not saying I would love it if I had to look at it all day.

I think I like the keyboard! It looks great and feels good, but I am little unsure about the raised keys.

Mac Book.jpeg

4 thoughts on “MacBook & Mac mini – first thoughts

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    Weird. Bought mine here in Spain, but with a US keyboard rather than a Spainish one (which was a mistake) so can’t see why that would be?

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