MacGeneration awards 2007

During the Apple Expo in Paris each year, MacGeneration gives awards to the best products available on the OS X platform. In some ways ‘just another list’ but there are some interesting ones that I am sure will generate much debate. It was good to see Skitch achieve a ‘special award’, but for the life of me I don’t see how the iPod Touch can be the best Apple product when it has only been out less than a month, initial ones had screen problems, and it doesn’t do as much as it was hyped to do!

  • iPod Touch as the “best Apple product”.
  • La Cie FireWire Speakers as the “best hardware”.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 as the “best professional creative software”.
  • FileMaker Pro 9 as the “best productivity software”.
  • as the “best open source software”.
  • Boinx FotoMagico as the “best creative software”.
  • Titanium’s Software Onyx as the “best OS X utility”
  • Kesington QuickSeek FM Transmitter as the “best iPod accessory”

What are your view on this list then? What would you omit or include?

6 thoughts on “MacGeneration awards 2007

  1. Dunks

    At the moment I would throw Coda in as it is proving a great tool for website work. It’s lightweight, well designed and does all I need. Loving it more each day.

  2. Dunks

    Yeah, I’ve just started listening to ‘the rissington podcast’ by 2 excellent web designers – John Oxton and John Hicks (firefox logo fame). Its a Q&A style show and I emailed a question about their tools of choice. Both came back with fireworks and coda which really surprised me.

    I expected to hear photoshop for the graphics and either dreamweaver or BBEdit/textmate as these seem to be the staples of most designers.

    I was kinda chuffed as my tools are also fireworks and coda – so I’ve got the right tools.

    Question is how to create stunning designs like they do!!!

  3. Dunks

    Ah, talent. I hadn’t realised you needed that. Has it been released in a universal binary version yet? 🙂

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