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I just wanted to give you a brief ‘heads up’ on some news that Tim and I touched on last week on the MacReviewCast, but that is now in place.

For the next six weeks (and hopefully beyond naturally) Devon Technologies are going to be sponsoring my weekly segment with Tim. I can’t really say why, maybe they just like listening to the two of us bickering like two old ladies, or maybe it is the insightful thoughts, observations and forecasts that we come up with week after week.

Either way it is good news for us and good news for you as they are offering listeners 25% off their applications during the sponsorship. There is a banner in the sidebar below that you can click to access the code or click here.

It would be great if you could help pass the word on this one, so Digg, Stumble whatever you can to help will be really appreciated!

16 thoughts on “MacReviewCast Sponsorship

  1. Dunks

    Thanks for the info & well done! I’ve just signed up for Stumbleupon after reading your recent post so will try to spread the word.

    Interestingly, DevonThink is one of the apps I have on my list of organisational/info gathering tools I wanted to try out. Would be interested in any feedback on this app if anyone has used it.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    I will be featuring it as part of the agreement so will keep you posted and give you a ‘heads up’ when I start looking at it.

  3. Danny

    Good stuff Chris! Im kinda jealous – I want a sponsor 😉

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    I am sure you will get one at some stage Danny – patience and hard work (wow that makes me sound like my dad!!!)

  5. Mac Sokulski

    I’ve used Devonthink for almost a year. It’s a great app. One of the better organizational tools out there. I switched to Yojimbo, because it had one big thing going for it that was a must for me… .Mac sync. I could run Yojimbo on two systems, one at work and one at home, and still access the same data. It’s was a must. That’s why I abandoned Devonthink Pro. I find the organization of data in Devonthink better than Yojimbo. It has a lot of features that other similar apps do not even come close. That little sync make all the difference for me. If Devonthink had that, I would be using it today.

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    Having looked at neither yet can’t really comment, but adding .mac sync would seem to make sense from what you say!

  7. Wayne LeFevre

    That’s pretty cool, Chris. They came to you guys? Must mean your doing something right! Being sponsored, Is it like a concert promoter where you can get a bunch of free tickets, (SNs,) to hand out? 😉

    Anyway, congrats!

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    Wish it was so easy – Tim and I put a package together and targetted a few people that we wanted to talk to about Sponsorship, based on the type of applications we believe his listeners really like.

  9. Dunks

    Just listened to the 1st sponsored segment! Very cool. Off to look at Devon Agent as I’ve never looked at that app before. Sounded unusual!

  10. Dunks

    And I was impressed at how ‘cool and calm’ Chris was!! Thought the temptation to play a fanfare and drum roll to announce the arrival of his iPhone might be too hard to resist!

    TBH: I don’t think I did as much ‘announcing’ at the arrival of my Daughter as you did at your iPhone Chris!! 😉

  11. Danny

    It was the twitter posts reporting every step that was the best: “I am now removing the cellophane”, “I have opened the box”. :p
    Im one to talk, Il be worse on the 9th 😉 (or the 10th).
    @Chris – Dont quite understand

  12. Dunks

    Personally I think you’ve made a mistake Chris. I heard that Microsoft are planning to enter the mobile communications arena (seriously).

    Just think you could have an iZune-phone. Now that would be something worth getting excited about. Personally I’d get brown!

  13. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well I can take responsibility for the twitter posts during the day, but whatever got sent out during the evening I have no idea about!!!!

    (I was referring to the fact that you have a segment on the same show Danny)

    Right Dunks time to get serious, that is one mention of the M word, three strikes and you are out 🙂

    Mind you if it syncs with my To Do list I may be tempted!!!!

  14. Danny

    Riiight I get ya.
    And what to-do list would that be Chris 😉
    Sorry guys – an incredibly private joke, Im sure that has to be against some kind of rule!

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