Mail Steward Review

I reviewed Mail Steward ($49.95) before for Surfbits and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was happy to take a look at the latest version, especially as I use it every month as part of my monthly back up routine.

As you can see from their site they have a number of features:

* Works seamlessly with the Mac OS X Apple Mail app to archive all your email in a relational database.

* Will import most mbox files exported from Microsoft Entourage, Eudora, and other email clients.

* Works with all locally-stored POP, .Mac, and IMAP email accounts in the OS X Mail app.

* Select email from archive by date range and keywords in the To, From, Subject, Mailbox, or Body fields.

* Sort by date, To, From, Subject, Mailbox, or unique ID.

* Add your own tags to email & import MailTags©

* Search binary attachments that contain any text.

* Print email list, or individual email, or all email in a list.

* Save email list, or individual email, or all retrieved email to a text file.

* Reply to individual emails.

* Export emails to a tab-delimited text file, a separate database file, an mbox file, or an SQL file.

* Merge database files together.

* All email folders are left undisturbed.

* Options to store attachments, HTML, enriched text, and raw source, as well as plain text.

* Universal binary runs on PowerPC and Intel Macs.

* Native Cocoa application that supports OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and greater.

So, it is MUCH more than a backup application! I particularly liked the new feature that allowed you to search attachments. I am not alone in appreciating this application.

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