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iNuron recently released the public beta of McNucle v1.0 server software. The application lets you turn a Macintosh desktop or server into a remotely accessible metadata based file server. This iNuron freeware is an extension to Apple’s Spotlight and provides a metadata browser to store, retrieve and manage your data from remote.

I have been using it for five weeks now, and although not something that I use that regularly, but when I do I am happy enough with what it does. I am not what you would call a ‘heavy’ user of such services/applications and initially I doubted that I would benefit from it that much, and to a certain extent I still retain that view, especially for sharing small day to day stuff. For larger data movement and network management I found it a lot more useful.

Set up is simple enough.


I am not particularly keen on the interface. It does the job and it does it well:


I think this is a purely personal opinion, but I did find the interface a little ‘clunky’ to get used to. Again as this is really more of a ‘tool’ than an ‘application’ in my view then this isn’t an issue.

Over my home network it worked well, incorporating the Windows PC with no problems, so I would be really interested in seeing how it faired on a larger network. I have a feeling that it might be pretty useful for Mac?



* Anything

Share all types of data: documents, music, pictures, movies and other personal content..

* With anyone

Invite friends, family and colleagues to access your data and vice versa. With a McNucle, you are in full control of your own data..

* Anywhere

Full remote access to your data over the home network, but also over the internet. From now on you can reach your data from anywhere..

* Unlimited

No limits to amounts of Gigs. Whatever you have available, you can share.

* At any time

Your data available 24×24!

* On both Mac AND Mic

Both Macintosh and Microsoft systems can run the Nucle Browser. This way sharing data is a no-brainer for all of you!


* Tagging!

Organize your data with metadata. Attach a number of relevant characteristics to your data for easy storing and fast retrieval!

* Keys and Values

Keys allow to build relations and attach them to your data, e.g. if you add a date, to what event is it referring (creation, update, history)? Or can you tell if Bordeaux is a wine, a region or a city?

* No more folders!?!

Get rid of complex folder trees that have become chaos. Metadata structures omit the need for prefixed trees! It is a thrilling experience! The Nucle Browser still supports browsing in folder structures; make a smooth transition or continue using folders for your own reasons.

* Groups

There is no fun in tagging.. With a McNucle, you can group data via multiselection and attach a tag to multiple files at once.

* Desktops

Another handy tool for tagging. Desktops are collection items where you can build relationships between data. Collect related data on a particular desktop and add some tags to connect them.


* Unique metadata search and navigation

Search data by using metadata, e.g. you need your pictures from your holiday with the family in 2001 in the south of France, just search for ‘family country:france 2001 kind:pictures’

* Regular expressions in the search field

The query builder allows for regular expressions, using AND, OR, ranges, phrases, wildcards etc.

* Multi-server support

You can fire off your queries to any of the servers you were invited to by the owner.

* Data aggregation!

You can fire off queries to multiple servers simultaneously, and receive an aggregated result response! Quite exceptional and mega effective!

* Preview validation

Searching data is not fun when names of files are often senseless. Use the preview pane for quick validation of the data you are searching.

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Set Ups

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Online Manual

9 thoughts on “McNucle Server Software

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    So how did you incorporate this into your workflow? I mean, what did you use it for? Just curious on why you would use this in the home environment. Is it like Sharepoints or SpyMe or just plain FTP? Will Leopard make it obsolete?

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    As I said it isn’t something that I use on a regular basis so I think ‘workflow’ would be overstating it.

    Once a month when I am running my regular back ups I tend to have a big tidy up of applications that I have reviewed and where the data resides on the various Macs and I found that this reduced some of those tasks.

    Also, as I review and write using all the Macs file management was somewhat easier.

    As for Leopard – who knows? Or more accurately who knows and is prepared to say – not me!!! I have been using the latest release on the Mac Book for a couple of weeks now as I look at the next version of CastCount, but not a word shall pass my lips or through my fingertips!

  3. Maarten

    @ Wayne LeFevre: Our application is usefull in your home environment if you have more than one Mac. You can install a server on each Mac, then search (in a spotlight-like manner) all your Macs at the same time. A similar feature is announced for Leopard so why invest time in our software? >>

    We found the searchbar in the current release wasn’t powerfull enough when dealing with large amounts of files (like when you’re searching multiple Macs at the same time). That’s why we’ve developed a new feature; keyblocks screenshot

    The keyblocks are filters that display the metadata attributes that exist in your current result set. You can choose wich attribute you want to use as a filter.This allows you to quickly refine your search and filter out unwanted results.

    We’ll probably release this update within a week! Keep an eye on our website..

    regards, Maarten & the iNuron team

  4. Mac Sokulski

    I will be trying it out soon, both at home and at work. Hope it goes better than my luck with Daylite3. I’m always on the look out for new apps that allow me to access remote systems. Logmein is great for remote control, but it does not have file transfers unless you pay. This would fit the bill. Now to find the time to play.
    Request, can some one make a petition for a 48h day, please?

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    Not sure I could take a 48 hour stint in front of my Mac which is pretty much where I am spending most of my days!!!

  6. Mac Sokulski

    48h would be enough to divide between work, play and the family. The first and the last seem to take a lot more chucks of time currently and sleep is actually deprived by play time.

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