MicroSound Speaker

microsound.gifThe Miglia MicroSound speaker ($29.99) for iPod nano and iPod shuffle turned up as something for me to try and and review. I wasn’t really thinking of buying a speaker for my iPods since I happily lie on my bed listening to audio books with the Apple headphones. However, I was willing to give it a go and the speaker certainly looked cute and neat.

I was sent a white one to match my nano (black is also available) and it slotted obviously and easily onto the headphone jack.

The sound quality is ok, although not as good as my better headphones, and for its size the volume is not bad, but maybe that is the problem. With the volume at max on my nano the sound is a little tinny and still not really loud enough to be a main source of music day to day, despite the Miglia web site saying that it is “the perfect companion for any outdoor activity”. However it was fun to use when I was preparing some food in the kitchen, and sitting up on my roof with girlfriends AND I am definitely going to take it with me when I am traveling and I want to have music playing while I am moving around, getting dressed to go out etc. and don’t want the inconvenience of headphones.

It is definitely cute and very neat and portable (a little carrying pouch would have been nice), so overall as a little fun thing it is pretty good value, as long as you don’t expect too much.

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