Midnight Inbox 1.1

It is a while since my original review of Midnight Inbox so it is good to see a new version released: INBOX.jpg

“Midnight Inbox 1.1 is a major update to this personal organizing application. This release adds an SQL format datastore for greatly increased speed, universal shortcuts to create notes and actions from anywhere, iCal syncing for external devices, documentation in the Mac OS X Help system, action timers and context scheduling, a new Archive section for completed projects, backup and restore commands, and hundreds of bug fixes.

Midnight Inbox helps you work smarter, not harder, by organizing your projects, email messages, files, contexts and tasks so that you can always be on top of your world. Users of Mac OS X Tiger will find its clean lines and elegant typography make it the best in its class for keeping lists and notes. Midnight Inbox helps collect and process Mail messages, iCal items and files. It helps organize projects, keeps you focused on the work you where and when you are, and gently helps you review when you need to.

Inbox is a complete Mac OS X solution for those who want to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow system and it’s simple to use! Midnight Inbox is $35.00 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Universal binary). Above all else, Midnight Inbox is simple. Anyone who just wants to get a little bit more organized can run the application and go!”

Mark J Harris – Chief Operating Beep, Midnight Beep Softworks

1 thought on “Midnight Inbox 1.1

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    I had talked to Mark Harris a few months ago about doing a review on 1.05. I wasn’t real happy with the program, as it has a bit of a learning curve, and they only made two screencasts! We agreed that I would wait until 1.1 when more of the bugs were out.

    When it never came to be, I almost thought it wouldn’t happen. I’ve been keeping great pains to keep up with the Google forum on Midnight Beeps, and I must say, they haven’t been too kind with the developers. I flip back and forth, and I can see both sides. Both the developers and the people who actually bought the application. Really their both right.

    The developers want to put out the best application possible, which is not easy considering the holy grail they are trying to achieve with GTD, at the expense of missing deadline after deadline.

    The consumers, who rightly, felt that they paid for a product that should not yet have been out of beta.

    So, how is it now? Well, I’ll have to work with it a bit and see for myself. Otherwise, keep an eye out for yourself at the Google group http://groups.google.com/group/inboxbeeps.

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