Miglia Release Pocket Sized TVMini+

Miglia, a digital media solutions provider, has released the TVMini+, the latest in an innovative line of Mac specialised solutions. The TVMini+ offers a complete digital entertainment package, including the pioneering Miglia TV software, in an ultra-portable format.

The TVMini+ conveniently plugs into a USB 2.0 port and turns your Mac into a digital entertainment centre where you can watch and record analogue and digital terrestrial television. Supported by the DVB-T standard, the TVMini+ combines a 10-bit Analgue-to-Digital Converter and a high quality video decoder to ensure the best possible reception.

The Miglia TV software offers a generous suite of options. These include an iTunes export plug-in, which means that recordings can be transferred to an iPod, iPhone, or Sony PSP to watch on the move. Customers have full use of Apple’s popular Front Row or QuickTime media players. The Electronic Program Guide gives customers a comprehensive guide to their favourite shows and will even wake up the computer to start recording on time.

Eric Ferraz, CTO, Miglia, commented: “TVMini+ is a fantastic solution for any Mac owner due to its wide range of features and its sleek, compact design. Customers will get all their TV needs in one small highly portable tuner and also benefit from a full suite of ground-breaking software.�

Eric continued, “The TVMini+ offers the best of both digital and analogue worlds. The tuner picks up analogue terrestrial TV as well as Freeview. It can easily be connected to a satellite or cable set top box to record all your favourite shows�.

Customers will also enjoy full ease of viewing with a feature-rich Miglia remote control.

Key Features
• Watch and record digital analogue TV on your Mac
• Exclusive 10-bit video and stereo sound on analogue sources.
• Includes fully featured remote control and digital antenna.
• Export recordings to iPod, PSP and Apple TV.
• Backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Designed exclusively for your Macâ„¢, the TVMini+ integrates seamlessly with your computer and brings your TV viewing to a whole new level.

Pricing and availability
TVMini+ is available from Miglia’s distribution partners or online store with a retail price of £84.95 or €129.99. A list of distributors and resellers is available on Miglia’s website:

All units carry a full 2 year RTB warranty. A list of distributors and resellers is available on Miglia’s website: http://www.miglia.com/buy/index.html

Product Reviews
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If you want to submit your review to the new Miglia blog (http://miglia.com/blog) then please email blog@miglia.com with your review.

If you would like to see previous reviews, or pictures and articles of Miglia products action please visit the new blog at http://miglia.com/blog

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8 thoughts on “Miglia Release Pocket Sized TVMini+

  1. jeremy

    That looks like an outstanding product Chris, especially at that price. I already have their original Miglia tv which I bought a two or three years ago. It is good when it works, though It’s antenna doesn’t pick up very well. It won’t work at all in our house or most places I’ve taken it. It cost me £100 too!

    I’m really tempted by this new product for it’s flexibility, in that it hooks up to an external tuner. At the moment I use a dvd/hdd recorder but it’s a pain to transfer recordings to my mac. I don’t watch tv much but the idea of selecting programmes and watching them when I want where I want is appealing.

    I know you have connections with Miglia from comments you’ve made on Tim’s podcast. Have you used this product? We have cable tv here, how well does it integrate with a set top box? Can it for example browse programme listings etc?

    As an aside, I am fairly impressed with BBC’s iPlayer, though the pc version is at present better than that for the Mac.

  2. Dunks

    Like Jeremy I am the owner of an original TVmini which has been a really useful piece of kit. Similarly I have to have the laptop in a place with good reception for the mini antenna to work well but used it daily in my last property with a direct connection to the house aerial which was fantastic. I recorded the whole of the Tour De France coverage for a friend with no freeview access and it worked beautifully.

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    It is very very good, but you will need to wait for me to do a full review on it for the indepth details, but basically I recommend it 🙂

  4. jeremy

    @ Dunks. You are a fan of the TdF! Me too for well over twenty years! This’ll make you smile:

    For so long I dreamt of seeing the tour in the flesh, as you do. Well for a couple of years we lived in France, and as it happened, the tour actually had a stage start in the town where we were, Chateaubriant:-).( what a coincidence!). This was I think back in 2004. How gutted was I. in that I had to be in Nantes that weekend and missed the whole thing, had to see it on telly!!! 🙁

  5. dunks

    Nightmare! So close, yet so far. The tour has been close to us on a couple of occassions on the UK stages but I’ve been at work so missed them both. I’ve visited a lot of the mountain stages although in the winter (ski-ing) but would love to go in the summer and see a stage.

  6. jeremy

    This year’s tour rode up the Col de l’Iseran. It is Europe’s highest mountain pass. A few years ago I went to Val d’Isere to the 4×4 show they have there every summer. I took my bike and rode that climb. It is a killer, the summit is 2770 metres high. Believe me the air is thin. The gear ratios on my bike were far too high for that road! My current bike would be more suitable, being about half the weight too.

    I look forward to Chris’ full report on the new gizmo

  7. dunks

    [quote comment=”23955″]A few years ago I went to Val d’Isere… …I took my bike and rode that climb[/quote]

    @Chris: I vote to have Jeremy removed from this post, and even blog on the grounds that he is obviously extremely fit and is making us look feeble and out of shape with our pathetic little ‘ambles’ on flat roads 😉

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