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I bought and reviewed the TVMax in September last year, and I use it pretty much every day, so it is fair to say I am a big fan.

This press release just hit my inbox yesterday and it has already got me thinking about updating it……

Press Release

Miglia Technology, a leading manufacturer of digital media products, today announced TVMax+. A content collection hub, for use with iPod, AppleTV and Apple computers. TVMax+ allows you to view your favourite shows on every screen in your home, from your living room to your iPod to your Mac. TVMax+ also doubles as a digital TV tuner, so you can watch, pause and record TV shows to watch exactly as you want choose.

Eric Ferraz, CTO, Miglia Technology, commented: “ TVMax+ offers the missing link between TV or Video content and Apple TV or iPod. This is a digital hub enabling you to connect a full range of video devices using the Coaxial, Composite S-Video inputs. Transform your Mac into a personal video recorder or capture your VHS, Camcorder tapes or DVDs. Miglia is delighted to be able to offer TVMax+ with it’s new specially developed software that giving you the best possible performance from Miglia’s custom hardware.”

“In tests TVMax was used to capture a short 30 minute clip of our favourite TV show and was set to put that clip onto an iPod Video, the whole process took 31.5 minutes and we were watching the finished result (at 640×480). The same clip captured using an alternative software capture solution took 61 minutes from start to finish before we could view the show on our iPod, that’s almost 100% faster using TVMax.”

Key Features
1) Quick content provider for your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV
2) Real-time MPEG-4 capture
3) Records all video content straight to your iPod and Apple TV (via iTunes)
4) Digitize VHS tapes to DVD using real time Mpeg2 compression
5) Online EPG supporting both tvtv and TitanTV, decide what you view with ease
6) Analog TV receiver for Cable TV channels
7) Backed by Miglia’s two-year warranty

Technical Specifications
Host Interface – USB 2.0
Host Connector Type – USB B Type
TV Tuner – Analog Tuner, CableTV ready
Up to 125 Channels
Resolution – Standard definition (PAL/NTSC or Pal/SECAM)
Antenna Connection – Antenna or cable
Recording Formats – iPod Better, iPod Best, AppleTV, DVD ready MPEG-2, iMovie ready MPEG-4, DivX. Hardware compression
Power – External Power Supply
Length: 165 mm
Width: 165 mm
Height: 30 mm
Weight 400gr
Warranty – 2 year warranty (return to base)

For further features, please go to:

1 thought on “Miglia TVMax+

  1. Dale Davids

    Good day.
    Im from South Africa, staying in South Korea. I bought myself the iMac
    because I do graphic design. I tried to find a good tv plugin via usb,
    could not find one for iMac around here in Korea. When I went back to
    South Africa to visit family I found a Apple Store which I bought your
    product- the “TV Max Miglia”(External USB plug in). Very exited to go
    back to Korea to plug it in and set it up, I downloaded the software
    for the TV Max-Miglia. In the drop down list where you select the
    country, very disappointed I discovered there is no selection for
    South Korea.

    My question is can you provide me software for South Korea. I so much
    want to watch tv while working on my iMac.

    Please advise how I can resolve this.

    Thank you in advanced for your help

    Kind regards

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