MobileMe – Push My A***!

Well I have finally got round to trying out MobileMe and like a lot of things recently released my Apple it appears great in theory but the actuality is a different story!!!

Now I don’t have a iPhone running V2 yet so that bit I can’t comment on, but both Sands and I have .me accounts and we both have a Mac desktop and a Notebook, so MobileMe should be great for us.

All our emails are set up as IMAP as well.

Now Stevie clearly stated that MobileMe was ‘push’ technology – using it’s Cloud to store information online and push it to various devices. Hmmmm – bit of an exaggeration there Steve wasn’t it?

Now I am not techie but as I understand it IMAP is actually pull technology right? It may appear as push technology but as I understand it the emails are actually pulled by polling the server every minute. A minor point you may argue? Yes, but still an inaccuracy I will retort!

Now where the push technology seems to work just fine is if I make changes to my address book, calendar etc online on my .me account (when it is working that is but that is another – woeful – story in its own right). In these instances the changes do seem to get pushed pretty much straight away down to the Mac’s – cool!

Not so good though when I make the changes on the Mac. In these instances I still need to wait for .me to do a sync with the Mac! Now if you have your sync settings set to every week, day or even hour that is going to produce some time lag, and in no way matches my understanding of ‘push’. Even when set to Automatic I think it is hard to claim that it is push technology, as to date I have been less than impressed.

I love the notion and the theory, and the marketing as usual was exceptional – but when it comes to actually using it ………….

I still love Apple and would recommend to anyone, but I think it is about time that they stopped treating us like idiots and we stopped treating them like God!!

10 thoughts on “MobileMe – Push My A***!

  1. Jonathan Buckland

    As far as I can see, MobileMe is Push on my iPhone 2.0. When Push is not available then it switches to standard IMAP and a default 15min Pull.

    From a desktop perspective, I didn’t think Mail and other apps will support Push until Snow Leopard is out.

    All the best Chris!


  2. Max

    There’s a disparity in creating push entries on various devices. If its an iPhone on v2 software it’ll push immediately but if its created on a desktop or laptop Mac running eg. Tiger it gets pushed every 60 minutes. That interval is every 15 minutes on Leopard. That’s how the service is set up, have a look over on MacRumors for the details.

    Not quite push is it? But then its ‘for the rest of us’…..

  3. Blake Brannon

    MobileMe is clearly having some issues and from my experience it will not sync my Mac & PC like it claims.

  4. Tom

    It’s actually working really well for me. Alright the push isn’t true push on the Mac as it is still using the standard Sync app, but I would think they will release an update pretty soon to correct that problem.

    It works exactly as expected on the version 2.0 of the iPhone OS though.

  5. jeremy

    The MacBreak weekly crew were complaining about the issue of push not being strictly true several days ago. It is not a question of semantics, more one of honesty or lack thereof!

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