The Alesis MultiMix8USB arrived in January so I have now had a reasonable chance to play around with it and use it. I have to say that I am really pleased with it. I have recorded a number of shows with it now, and if you listened to Surfbits last week then the whole of my segment was recorded using it and Audio Hijack Pro and then sent over to Tim using Pando.

In an ideal world I would probably have liked one with sliders rather knobs, purely from as aesthetic point of view, but I have no complaints about the size, functionality or performance. I have posted the settings over on the forum before but here they are again anyway:

Gain: 2 oclock
1 oclock
2 oclock
4 oclock
Both turned to zero, off
12 oclock
Level 2
2 oclock.

Then Main Mix dial
2 oclock

12 oclock

And now a health warning – a picture of me “in action” with the PowerBook, Microphone and Mixer. The beard is a this year addition, for no other reason than I just haven’t bothered to shave yet. I am kind getting used to it as well which is probably really worrying!! It does seem to make me look like I have no chin though. The posture is terrible, I think the screen is really too low for me.

Setting up was a ‘piece of cake’ – just attached the USB cable and selected “USB Audio CODEC” is System Preferences, and that was it.


And if that hasn’t put you off there are a few more over on the Flickr account!

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