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When I decided to return to playing cricket in 2021 after a 33 year break between innings I made a list (because I like lists) of the basics I would need and that I would stick with. It was never going to work. Addicts do that, convince themselves it will be different this time. Sands knew it wouldn’t be, I knew it wouldn’t be. I suspect our pets knew as well.

Tobi thinks his new bed is great!

So here we are, two seasons later, with another list. Significantly longer than the original one, comprising more stuff than I will ever need, but as any addict will know (if not admit) I can justify it all ….. well I can try!!

From the very start of my return I had a Brand dilemma: a Gray-Nicolls fan from my youth, a desire to have one of the new more modern brands. I settled on Masuri as a) a friend who plays professionally is sponsored by them and b) they offered some kit and have been remarkably supportive, as indeed have Gray-Nicolls.

My second “issue’ was that I hadn’t really registered that virtually all clubs have their own club stores online, and that the ‘done’ thing was not only to have matching pads, gloves and bat Brand wise, but also range wise!

Third contributing factor was that I hadn’t known I would become friends with the owner of Williamson- Boucher who make the most superb bats.

Factor in the kit and equipment I got sent to review and and the bats I picked up to refurbish (but kept) and you start to see how it really wasn’t all my fault!!!

So here you are, the (current) full list – to the best of my knowledge – with a few additional notes.


2 x Williamson-Boucher
1 x Masuri ELine TON
1 x Gray-Nicolls

  • I use a Williamson-Boucher bat mainly with the second one being a spare ‘in case’. The Masuri has a scuff sheet so that is used when the conditions are wet, and the Gray-Nicolls is a Players Bat which is my T20 ‘have a slog’ bat as it is very heavy and has a huge middle – actually it has huge edges as well.

2 x Masuri TON
2 x Gray-Nicolls

  • Given the age and condition of most practice balls I prefer not to use my match day bats in the nets so I have a old refurbished bat of a the same weight that I use, and as I don’t like using those bats against bowling machine balls I have one I use for this.

2 x Gray-Nicolls
1 x Williamson-Boucher

  • Brand new, unused 1 Gray-Nicolls is the bat I bought for my birthday in 2020 to see what the new bats were like, the second is the limited edition Support the NHS bat they released during COVID-19. The Williamson-Boucher is one that I bought to sell on, but kept as I use the two other bats in matches so I wanted one in new condition!

1 x Gray-Nicolls Scoop
1 x SS Jumbo
1 x Len Hutton

  • my old bats. The Len Hutton was my fathers that was my first bat, the Single Scoop was my favourite bat and the SS Jumbo the last bat I used.


1 x Masuri ELine
1 x Gray-Nicolls Legend (Black)

  • Obvious really: Masuri when in Whites, Gray-Nicolls for Coloured Kit.

1 x Masuri TLine
1 x Gray-Nicolls Prestige

  • this is where it gets very iffy!!! I have a kit bag for each brand which I tend to rotate AND if the weather has been wet I will use the TLIne Masuri pads in a match.

1 x Len Hutton (Signed)
1 x 1980s Pair


1 x Masuri ELine Pro
1 x Masuri ELine
1 x Gray-Nicolls Off Cut Pro

  • Match Day, Match Day Warm Up & Spare, Coloured Kit

1 x Masuri ELine
1 x Gray-Nicolls Inferno

  • see above re Net Pads

1 x Brown Fingers
1 x 1980s

2 x Masuri
1 x Shrey

  • I rarely wear a helmet in a game. We have to wear a helmet in the nets at Edgbaston ( I wear the Masuri No Boundaries Cricket Club one) and I wear the Masuri Barlaston Cricket Club one for the pre season indoor nets and occasionally in a match. I use the Shrey one when netting outdoors.

2 x Black
3 x White

  • don’t need the arm guard really but when I saw these I thought they were a good combination as a sweatband is useful and the fact it has some protection is an added bonus. No surprises they are split across match day and net bags (see below)


1 x Gray-Nicolls Legend Wheelie (Match Day)
1 x Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle (Outdoor Nets)
1 x Gray-Nicolls GN800 Duffle (Indoor Nets)
1 x Gray-Nicolls Team 150 Wheelie (NBCC Kit)
1 x SR Wheelie Duffel (Outdoor Nets)

  • I really do have a problem with bags, be they cricket bags, work bags, luggage, I seem to always be in pursuit of the perfect bag! And of course I do have a lot of stuff and it is easier to store it all in a specific bag associated with what I use it for.

1 x Gray-Nicolls 19802
1 x 1930s Brown Leather


1 x Masuri ELine
2 x Masuri TLine
1 x Gray-Nicolls Legend

  • I know, I have only have one pair of thighs!!!! ELine are blue so use with Coloured Kit, TLine are used match day and nets, Legend in nets.


3 x Gray-Nicolls
1 x Shock Doctor

  • see above really


2 x Paynter Spikes
3 x Paynter Rubber
1 x Gray-Nicolls Rubber

  • Whites: Paynter Spikes and Rubbers and Gray-Nicolls Rubbers. Coloured: 2 x Paytner Rubbbers and Paynter Spikes split across nets and match day use.


3 x Jockstraps
2 x Jockstrap Pants
2 x Cloud Catcher Bats
3 x Baseball Mitten
2 x Catching Practice Gloves
5 x Batting Inner Gloves
8 x Head Sweatbands
3 x Sunglasses (1 Prescription)
2 x Sports Watches
2 x Dog Thrower
Gray-Nicolls Ball Bag & Balls
Gray-Nicolls Rucksack (Spares & Repairs)
Gray-Nicolls Rucksack (Store Playing Kit)
Gray-Nicolls Rucksack (Overnight & Shower)
Masuri Rucksack (No Boundaries Cricket Club Helmet)
Masuri Rucksack (Barlaston Cricket Club Helmet)
Slip Catching Board

  • pretty self explanatory. Masuri don’t do helmet bags so I use the rucksacks, I do some coaching so have stuff for that, and as you will expect by now if I have catching gloves in one net bag they will be in the other net bag as well.


Barlaston Cricket Club – Trousers, Shirt, LS & SS Sweater, 2 x Baseball Cap & Baggie Cap
Staffordshire County Seniors – Trousers, Shirt, LS & SS Sweater, Baseball Cap

Gray-Nicolls – Trousers, Shirt, LS & SS Sweater, Baseball Cap

XL Club – Shirt

No Boundaries Cricket Club – Coloured Top, Trousers, Baseball Cap, Whites (Shirt, Trousers, 2 Sweaters), Baggie Cap

Penkridge – Trousers, Shirt, LS & SS Sweater, Baseball Cap

Metronomes – Coloured Top, Trousers, Baseball Cap

  • Never worn the Metronomes Kit (maybe one day as will always help out if needed), the Penkridge kit was used for hald a season but the rest gets used regularly.


2 x Gray-Nicolls Tracksuits
2 x Gray-Nicolls SS Shirts
2 x Gray-Nicolls LS Shirts
1 x No Boundaries Cricket Club Trousers

  • slightly ironic that I don’t have any Masuri training kit but my original plan was to use my Gray-Nicolls equipment in nets so I have not bothered with any Masuri stuff, although the No Boundaries Club Store is with Masuri so that may well change.


1 x Penkridge Polo
1 x Barlaston Cricket Club Polo
1 x Staffs Polo
1 x No Boundaries Cricket Club Polo
1 x Gray-Nicolls Gillette
1 x Gray-Nicolls Coat
1 x No Boundaries Cricket Club Coat
1 x Barlaston Cricket Club Coat
1 x Barlaston Cricket Club Fleece
1 x No Boundaries Cricket Club Tracksuit Bottoms
1 x Gray-Nicolls Beanie

  • another dilemma! I am not really a fan of turning up to a game in a tracksuit especially Staffordshire Seniors as often go out to eat afterwards s I tend to stick to jeans/chinos, proper shoes, a club polo and if necessary a club coat on match days. I rarely wear these clothes other than on match days!


1 x Yorkshire County Cricket Club Coat
1 x Warwickshire County Cricket Club Coat
ECB Coaching – Shirts, Fleece, Trousers, Baseball Cap

  • wear to County or Test games or when coaching.

So there you are, my current list and justifications/excuses!

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