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I have set up a Forum on the site.

I am a big fan of Forums and Social Networking sites in general, although I have to admit that I am probably too old for many of them. I don’t always ‘follow’ the language used, find I get extremely frustrated (grumpy old man syndrome) with threads that don’t indicate if a problem has been solved (really IF someone goes to the trouble of answering your question surely you can go to the trouble of letting them, and everyone else, know if it cured the fault?), and (sensitive sole that I am) find that too many of them are dominated by ‘smart arses’ that just want to show how much they know and how little I know, which isn’t hard or productive!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for difference of opinion and debate, but in my experience it is a rare forum where the vocal minority don’t start trying to take over!

So why am I starting a Forum? Good question. No real answer! I have been really pleased with the level of debate and maturity that has come across in the comments and emails that the site has received to date. I have made some great contacts and have really enjoyed getting to know a number of people through the site. In my view a number of you are very similar in many ways and I have a feeling that a number of you may enjoy each other company and be able to help each other, kill some time together and basically share your stuff. Specifically a number of ‘us’ seem to be at a very similar stage on life’s journey and are getting into a number of similar new areas (switchers, photography, podcasting, blogging), and I think we will all benefit from this forum.

Wayne and Matt get a big ‘thank you’ for offering to assist as moderators. The forum really is for you so if there isn’t a section on something you want to see just drop me a line. I have no specific plan or focus for the forum. Rather like the site itself I thought it might be fun just to let it meander along with ‘us’ as we share the ups, downs, highs and lows of our Mac and Mac related experiences. I have set up some initial groups and started a few threads, but don’t let that restrain you. As said if you want me to add anymore just let me know.

Before embarking on this I did some research. I was lucky in that it seemed to be ‘Top 10’ month in Forum land recently

Top 10 tips

Another Top 10

Yet Another Top 10 Tips

Read them – you will see that there are pretty similar but at the same time different. I have read them and will try my best to provide a fun, reliable and well moderated forum.

Hope to see you around in forum land from time to time.

And whilst I am on this subject you may enjoy this article on social networks. Rather like forums I love the concept of them but to many times fine that I drift away – somewhat disheartened by the experience.

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